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Metalloinvest Supports Save the Forest All-Russian Campaign

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Metalloinvest volunteers supported the All-Russian Save the Forest campaign, within which more than 250,000 trees were planted in the Belgorod Region on an area of ​​more than 70 hectares.

"For For Metalloinvest, a leading metals and mining company, caring for the environment is a key strategic priority. The explored reserves of the company's fields are calculated for 130 years. We live and work in our cities and our children will live here - therefore we develop production on a long-term basis in harmony with nature. We are constantly working to improve the environmental situation and preserve biodiversity so that our cities are green and comfortable for life, ”said Yulia Mazanova, Deputy General Director for Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications of Metalloinvest.

More than 100 volunteers from Lebedinsky GOK, as well as employees of government agencies, utilities and residents of the city, took part in the environmental action in Gubkin. In four main urban locations, about 600 seedlings of predominantly deciduous species were planted - maple, birch, mountain ash, apple. It is these trees that most effectively absorb carbon dioxide and saturate the air with oxygen.

“The Belgorod region is an active participant in all programs aimed at environmental sustainability. Mass planting of trees is an event that is relevant for us. Currently, the afforestation of our region is about 8% with the standards of at least 15%, - commented Yulia Shchedrina, Deputy Governor of the Belgorod Region - Head of the Department of Agroindustrial Complex and Environmental Reproduction. - And it's great that such important and significant initiatives have a reliable partner in the person of Metalloinvest.

For the first time, the all-Russian campaign "Save the Forest" was held in 2019 and is being implemented within the framework of the national project "Ecology". In total, it is planned to plant 5 billion trees across the country by 2030. The organizers are the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, the Federal Forestry Agency, as well as ANO National Priorities and ANO Sad Memory.

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