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UMMC-developer showed how old houses in the center of Yekaterinburg will look like

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UMMC-developer showed how old houses in the center of Yekaterinburg will look like

UMMC-Zastroyshchik plans to reconstruct and adapt cultural heritage objects located on the developer's site in the central part of Yekaterinburg for modern use. We are talking about the "House of Bashurova", which is currently destroyed by 95%, located at st. Khokhryakova, 68, as well as "House of Medvedev" at Khokhryakova, 64.

"Bashurova's House" was built in 1900. According to the city directory of 1889, the owner was a bourgeois woman Bashurova Daria Fedorovna. On the territory of her estate there was a two-story semi-stone house, two outbuildings, services and a bathhouse. In the 90s, the building became abandoned and completely collapsed, at the moment only the brick walls of the 1st floor are partially left.

"House of Medvedev" was built at the end of the 19th century and originally belonged to Ekaterinburg's bourgeoisie Fyodor Medvedev was engaged in small trade. According to the city directory of 1889, there was a wooden one-story house, an outbuilding, services and a bathhouse, as well as a small shop. Currently, only a wooden one-story house has survived, which has been abandoned since the 2000s. “As for the Bashurova House, we plan to restore this monument to its original form, complete the installation of all networks and landscaping the adjacent territory. It can house an educational center, restaurant or gallery. If we talk about the "House of Medvedev", then this object will also be completely restored. We are talking about replacing roofs, windows, doors, high-quality repairs, supplying all networks and improving the adjacent territory. It is too early to talk about the functional purpose of this property, since the very fact of wooden housing construction imposes certain restrictions. However, we believe that it could house a museum, a small convenience store, or a management company for a future residential building. We have the experience and resources to implement our plans - just look at the buildings of the Simanovskaya mill and laboratory in the Makarovsky quarter - projects that have been recognized as successful not only by the professional community, but also by the townspeople, ”said the general director of UMMC-Zastroyshchik "Evgeny Mordovin. As noted in the company, special attention will be paid to the object of cultural heritage at 62 Khokhryakova," The house where the artist Slyusarev lived. " The house itself is in a deplorable state - a rusty, leaky roof, no one watches the wooden walls, they rot and go underground. Despite the fact that the property does not belong to the developer, but is located in the immediate vicinity of the construction site, all projects of protection zones and the project "Ensuring the safety of OKN" have been developed here, geotechnical monitoring will also be carried out over this building.

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