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Space future of Ukraine

Space future of Ukraine

The history of the establishment of the enterprise is closely related to the design and production of intercontinental combat missiles. Currently, the military direction is not the main focus. The conquest and use of outer space for peaceful purposes is a higher priority not only for Ukraine, but for all mankind. KB Yuzhnoye https://yuzhnoye.com.ua/kbu-history in the past and in the present is a leader in the production of launch vehicles capable of safely and efficiently launching commercial satellites and astronauts into space.

Difficulties with peaceful space

The daily work of the enterprise is complicated not only by the difficulties associated with international partners, but also by internal political and economic conflicts. The management of the enterprise, accused of misuse of budget funds, has been the cause of other failures in recent years of work:

  • The subsidized state of the enterprise as a whole, despite numerous contracts.
  • The new launch vehicles have not been finalized until the stage of assembly and operation.
  • Proposed new contracts have not been concluded with potential customers.

The country has great potential associated with space exploration. In the past, this has been proven more than once in practice. Many international projects used the developed and manufactured Yuzhny launch vehicles. The best proof of reliability is the minimum accident rate. Until 2010, it was no more than 8%. More than 1000 satellites are in the Earth's orbit, only thanks to various modifications of rockets developed by talented engineers of Ukraine.

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