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Remote holders


If it is necessary to install glass railings on stair flights, use glass railings spacers . The kit comes with an installation washer, which has a hole for a self-tapping screw or anchor.

Remote holders

Objects as if floating in the air next to the wall look very attractive and unusual. For their installation, special distance holders are used, which help to fix any structure on the wall, from a sign to a plate. Remote holders are used in various fields - advertising, interior design, manufacturing pieces of furniture. Let's get acquainted in more detail with their varieties and choose the optimal solution for operation.

Kinds of distance holders

Today, a huge number of holders can be identified for specific goals and objectives. Such fittings do an excellent job with the tasks assigned to it. It all depends on the material of manufacture and the scope of operation. The sturdy metal holder is ideal for attaching heavy objects to the wall. When it comes to lightweight items, plastic holders are ideal. They can withstand bulky signs and lettering.

For use in rooms with increased air humidity, stainless steel models are used. Thanks to this material, the holders do not corrode. You can also note the holders, which are covered with powder paint on top. It is a solution for placement in open space, in high humidity conditions.

Stainless steel holders

The main purpose of using such models is decorative elements and fixings in the interior and exterior of premises. With their help, you can install:

  • Navigation signs and signs.
  • Advertising posters and paintings.
  • Decorative panels.

They can also be used as supporting elements in the production of furniture items. As a coating, paint in any desired shade can be used. You can order types of plating with gold.

Selecting Glass Railing Holders

If you need to install glass railings on stair flights, use Distance holders for glass railings . The kit comes with an installation washer, in which there is a hole for a self-tapping screw or anchor. These holders are available in 5 basic colors and can also be made in matt silver.

If you need to purchase such designs for glass railings or other models, you can go to the website of the ADV-Caps company. To get acquainted with the virtual catalog of options, as well as to clarify the details of cooperation, you can visit the company's website.

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