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Lombard, Vera Kharuzhaya Street

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focuses solely on electronic devices, various types of tools and equipment.

Lombard, Vera Kharuzhaya Street

In the case when the person is experiencing an acute shortage of funds, not necessarily immediately rush to the Bank branch for credit. There are options that can solve the problem much faster. One of them is recourse to the pawnshop. For residents of Minsk operates Lombard Vera Kharuzhaya street, located in the shopping center "Silhouette". It offers favorable conditions for cooperation with customers. View services and contact information is on the site of the pawnshop.

Terms of the pawnshop "fortune" on the street of Vera Kharuzhaya street

the Main specialization of the pawn shop is a cash loans secured electronic equipment, instruments. Turning to organization, you can get a loan, having to pledge almost any electronic gadget, whether a phone, tablet or laptop. User-Lombard apply low interest rates. Here is created a loyal conditions that allow you to teach the amount quickly and effortlessly. It should be noted that pawnshop employees are not engaged in the purchase of gold, silver products and other precious metals. The focus is exclusively on electronic devices, various types of tools and equipment.

How to get a loan in the pawnshop

To get money customers have to consider requirements that apply in the institution. Thus, the age at the time of treatment must be at least 18 years of age. You must have a passport or a copy, and collateral. To get acquainted with an estimated value is sufficient to inform the technical parameters of the collateral, its features and condition. The appraiser can advise on the estimated value. However, the final cost will be known only after inspection of the collateral by a specialist.

Therefore, in acute need of urgent loan to mortgage such property, as smartphones, televisions, printers, electric and gasoline tool, personal computers, game consoles, e-books, etc. to See the full list of equipment available for pledge at the pawnshop.

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