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How to choose the right leasing company

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Many business people habit believe that to attract additional funding for business can only use the credit in Bank. Meanwhile, lending is not the best and convenient way when you need to, for example, to buy a car, or to replenish working capital. Today, more and more CEOs and business owners prefer leasing. The main difference of the credit from leasing in the first case the client receives money, and in the second, the lessor buys the property, and provides for temporary use for a specified period.

How to choose the right leasing company

Find out how to choose the right leasing company

the Important point is the choice of a reliable and trusted leasing company with a solid financial "rear" and an impeccable reputation. For example, here: eskacapital.com it is possible to quickly and on favorable terms to lease a car or truck, agricultural or construction equipment. The company is already 11 years on the market, is transparent and open — not hide its financial performance, is proud of satisfied customers. Let's see how to choose the right leasing company. But first find out what is more profitable leasing loan?

Why business chooses lease?

Many customers of the leasing companies cooperation has brought so much good results and growth that they now don't want to hear about lending. Ever hear the joke that the best loan is leasing! However, as we know, every joke is only a joke share. It's time to learn the main advantages of leasing requirements:

  • More loyal to the clients requirements. For example, does not need proof of financial condition.
    • Quick decision in most cases in one day — this is the essential difference between the procedures of obtaining loan from the leasing requirements.
      • Payments on a lease agreement substantially lower than on credit.
        • Flexible and individual approach to the schedule of payments.
          • Large periods of the contract.
            • When buying a car leasing a car is already registered numbers.
              • Minimum rates for insurance.
                • Significant benefit lease from leasing companies car in the fact that the equipment remains the property of the leasing company. Therefore, in the case of the customer financial difficulties, it is not subject to arrest.
                  • opportunity for the client to reduce tax payments and to replenish working capital with the use of returnable forms of leasing.

                  Hopefully, now the business person will be easier to make the best decision on how to act — to give preference to leasing or loan.

                  What to consider when choosing a leasing company?

                  Choosing leasing company cooperation any of them should start with validation:

                  • Financial stability — the company should stand firmly on his feet, not to hide financial statements and customer information.
                    • operating Time on the market increased in more than 10 years shows that it is a serious company, not a firm one-day.
                      • funding Sources — access to them must be open to clients because they have a right to know who invests in their business.
                        • Availability of fleet — leasing companies, car rental, should be able, if necessary, to maintain them in good condition.
                          • Restrictions on the subjects of leasing, the client requirements and the terms of the agreement — it is important to find out all the important issues of future cooperation.
                            • Experience working on contracts in the external market — this will confirm the reputation of the company and the professionalism of its staff.
                              • the cost of financing lease — reputable companies care about the growth of our business clients, so they often offer preferential and flexible terms, for example, a down payment of 0 %.

                              Found a company — you can safely to conclude an agreement!

                              Find out more on the website of the company "ESKA Capital" – eskacapital.com or phone 044-228-88-58.

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