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Tasks of the access control system


A control and remote access system can be installed even in schools to ensure that unauthorized persons are excluded from the vicinity of children.

Tasks of the access control system

A special network that electronically restricts access to the building and its individual rooms. Provides a more effective security system. The engineering and technical network of special devices makes it possible to create automatic checkpoints. ACS in Moscow is gaining popularity, as it continues to effectively work 24 hours in essence, 7 days a week.

The advantage of electronic automatic systems

Ordinary security personnel are forced to constantly be in a situation of increased attention. Not surprisingly, after a few hours, they start making minor mistakes. Electronic devices never need rest. Other, no less important advantages of the remote access control system can be added:

  1. The most simple and effective control over the movement of employees around the enterprise.
  2. Ease of building and creating reports for all and individual employees.
  3. No mistakes that ordinary people can make.
  4. Administrators assign a circle of access to an individual employee.
  5. The checkpoint works with maximum speed and without errors.

Important: the system can be configured not only to let individual people pass, but also to limit their stay in certain rooms by day and even time of day. Thus, increasing the security system to the maximum level.

Real hardware capabilities

The easiest way to understand everything that modern electronics is capable of is to learn about its capabilities. Depending on the sensors used, the system will in any case not allow unauthorized persons to enter the territory of the enterprise, company and even office premises. An example of functions, taking into account the advanced features, is the following features:

  • control and changes are made by the responsible employee;
  • limited number of times using the access key;
  • blocking doors, if needed by the administrator;
  • collaboration with other systems (fire or burglar alarms);
  • simple tracking of the time spent at work by each employee;
  • the ability to track where an employee is at the moment.

The last point is not applied so often, only at sensitive facilities, where this type of control is justified and permissible from the point of view of the law. The control system and remote access can be installed even in schools to ensure that unauthorized persons are excluded from the presence of children.

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