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Indispensable electrical products


Irreplaceable electrical products. Leading cable manufacturers in the world market. The degree of reliability and quality of products manufactured by the British company Marshall-Tufflex.

Indispensable electrical products

Cable products are one of the most demanded in the field of production activities and the operation of the entire system of electrical equipment. These products gained great popularity in the second half of the last century, and today one cannot do without them in any area of ​​human life. In Russia, the main supplier of this product and its implementation for many years has been the well-known company TelKomTrade. Here consumers are offered a very high-quality product from world-class European manufacturers.

A special place in this industry is occupied by the British company Marshall-Tufflex, which has been working in this field since the second half of the last century. The cable and wire products of this company are of high quality and a high degree of reliability in their practical application. Today, a special place is occupied by the production of electrical cables, and the company's specialists are constantly developing the release of a new generation of goods. Research and investment in this program is the main priority of the manufacturer, thus the products of this company always promisingly solve the growing market demands.

The variety of cable is extensive because it is used in a wide range in the trade and health care, construction, all industries, etc. In the production of these products, components are used, polyvinyl chloride composition, steel and aluminum, as well as fiberglass. The cable does not have halogen options, it does not have EMC, Cat6 and Part M EMC. All products manufactured by Marshall-Tufflex are certified by the standards institute and are exported to many countries around the world. In addition to cable and wire products, the company reproduces plastic windows and doors, as well as goods for plumbing.

Each type of product is made from environmentally friendly material, which is very important for every consumer. This company is a leader in the field of cable production and produces more than ten thousand tons per year. TelKomTrade has been considered a reliable and well-known supplier of cabling and wiring products in our country for many years. Here you can buy goods not only from a well-known British company, but also from German manufacturers who hold the brand of one of the best in the world market. The online store from TelComTrade offers customers a large selection of high-quality goods from many well-known manufacturers - https ://telcomtrade.ru/

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