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Mill equipment for ore processing


Contact the Amurmetal-Casting company to order and purchase high-quality spare parts for mill machines on favorable terms.

Mill equipment for ore processing

Our country is rich in minerals that are mined and processed for subsequent actions. Processing of raw materials is a complex technological process that is carried out in several stages:

  • set up grinding batch;
  • Carrying out purification of the raw material;
  • drying to bring the batch to the recommended moisture content;
  • direct grinding.

In the design and manufacture of aggregates for mills, parts, elements made of stainless steel, ductile iron and high-quality polymeric materials are used. Representatives of modern machines for the beneficiation of ore raw materials are wet autogenous grinding (WMC) and semi-autogenous grinding (ММПС) mills, spherical structure with unloading through a grate (MSHR) and with central unloading (МШЦ), rod mills (MSC).

The advantages of modern machine units for crushing rocks include:

  • minimizing the number of personnel for service;
  • no vibration during technological process;
  • the ability to obtain fractions of strictly specified parameters;
  • automation of production procedures, which has a direct impact on efficiency, cost, profitability;
  • energy optimization;
  • ensuring safety during the operation of the units in the normal load mode.

Spare parts for mill equipment

In the process of intensive operation, the parts of the milling machines wear out, the resource is developed and there is a need for repair and replacement using original spare parts. Spare parts for MShR, MShTs can be ordered at the link: https://amurmetall-lityo.ru/catalog/zapchasti-k-melniczam-mshr-mshc . This is the site of the Amurmetall-Casting company, whose production is located in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Parts are made by casting from steel grade 110G13L. At each stage of production, products are checked and rejected.

Spare parts for wet autogenous grinding equipment (MMC) are also manufactured at the Amurmetall-Casting plant from steel 110G13L. You can see the parts for MMC mills of which standard size are produced by the link: https://amurmetall-lityo.ru/catalog/zapchasti-k-melniczam-mms . All elements for mills for grinding lumps of ore are made from steel castings. Parts are obtained with high strength characteristics, are distinguished by wear resistance, and a large stock of working life.

Why order spare parts from a factory with a long history?

The purchase of spare parts for complex machinery at Amurmetal-Casting LLC is beneficial for several good reasons:

  • a wide range of high-strength spare parts (of various designs and configurations: linings, grids, wedges, trays, drums);
  • equipping with its own production and technological base favorably affects the final cost of spare parts for mill units;
  • the use of casting technology makes it possible to produce high-quality parts that cannot be produced using other technological methods or they will not meet the requirements of current state standards;
  • careful monitoring of quality at each production process excludes the possibility of defects and defects.

Contact the Amurmetal-Casting company to order and purchase high-quality spare parts for mill machines on favorable terms.

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