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Cutting and laser cutting of metals

Лазерная обработка

For more information and to get acquainted with the possibilities of using laser equipment for processing metals or alloys, please visit the website of the company "ChemTechMontazh".

Cutting and laser cutting of metals

The principle of using the power of a laser beam belongs to innovative technologies for metal cutting, gaining more and more popularity. The so-called plasmatron is able to "burn out" the seam, acting on the alloy in a point and at the same time has a number of significant advantages in comparison with electric or gas welding.

High precision and preservation of metal structure

The beam of a modern laser machine, which can be seen here: tdzemi.ru . is able to cut both very hard steel grades and soft non-ferrous alloys with a minimum weld width (we are talking about microns). The CNC functionality integrated into such equipment allows performing the following technological operations according to the specified dimensional parameters:

  • Classic straight section of the workpiece in the horizontal plane.
  • Cut with roundings to the desired radius.
  • Burning through holes and cavities to a certain depth.
  • Cutting sheet metal in standard sizes.

And one of the most important advantages of laser technology. The thermal effect of the beam on the metal being processed is carried out using an inert gas. This completely excludes changes in the structure in the seam area due to the lack of carbon access to the red-hot alloy. It also allows cutting with high precision, reducing waste to the waste production section.

The seam (cut) obtained when using laser equipment has perfect cleanliness and does not require an additional cleaning or grinding procedure, which reduces the cost of work. The technology allows not only to cut rolled steel into blanks for further processing on machine equipment, but also to manufacture final parts (products) with a high degree of accuracy.

You can get more complete information and familiarize yourself with the possibilities of using laser equipment for processing metals or alloys using the website of the ChemTechMontazh company. The presence of its own machine tool park of high-tech equipment, the accumulated experience and professionalism of the staff allows the company to accept orders for the manufacture of products with even the most complex configuration. For consultation on the resource, the option of contacting a technical manager is provided, who will answer all your questions and help with placing an order.

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