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The basic requirements and what are galvanic baths


Galvanic baths must meet certain regulatory requirements. Read the article to see them.

The basic requirements and what are galvanic baths
to form a protective coating on the surface of metal products, require not only knowledge of technology but also the right equipment. If the choice is made in favor of the electroplating, it is necessary buy galvanic baths, in which is immersed a workpiece for applying a protective layer. Inside will be an electrolyte and deposition of the desired items will be at the expense of potential difference.

Requirements, requirements for equipment

To the plating bath were able to accomplish their task they must meet certain requirements. Such containers must:
  • Have high strength characteristics to resist any mechanical stress during use.
  • to Withstand considerable shock and static loads without loss of containment.
  • to Have a chemical inertness to aggressive environments. Technology inside the electroplating bath is an electrolyte, having a negative impact on their surface. The material container must maintain the integrity during the whole period of operation.
  • Not afraid of significant temperature fluctuations, while maintaining the integrity at high and low temperatures.
  • to Be with a low coefficient of vapour permeability and water absorption.
  • to Be durable, practical and convenient to use. Galvanic baths are installed in accordance with the regulatory requirements according to the technological process. Leak or any other damage to the reservoir will require significant financial additions to the dismantling of the old, the purchase of new equipment and its installation.
Given the specifics of the technology used in the formation of protective coatings, galvanic baths should not affect the conductivity of the inside of working solutions. This imposes certain requirements for the chemical composition of the material used for their production. Most often the choice is made in favor of the polyethylene or polypropylene having the required level of inertness.


taking into account the specifics of production process, the plating bath is made with the regulatory requirements. Standard REGLEMENTARE the form and dimensions of such containers. Are:
  • With the filling and draining of electrolyte through the upper edge. The operation is performed manually or using a feed pump.
  • With side bottom feeding the working solution through a special pipe installed from the bottom to the side wall of the electroplating bath.
  • With bottom feeding. The grouting is carried out through the inlet in the bottom.

Differ in number of cameras. There are two-, three -, four-chamber. From the first spout includes bottom and side. The first type allows you to save free space in a manufacturing facility. Triple perform one-, two-, three-stage. More information about the galvanic baths, their advantages and features can be found on https://kpeprom.ru/

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