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Light lines on the ceiling in Odessa with the installation from the Demi-Lune

Ремонт и обрустройство
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office space the ceiling can be a real gem and the highlight of the interior.

Light lines on the ceiling in Odessa with the installation from the Demi-Lune

recently ceilings have become a popular method of finishing of residential and public buildings. Since the advent of PVC fabric has no need for dirty duty and do not always cheap repairs, wallpapering, painting, the use of plasterboard.

to replace the outdated materials came new. The developers invent and utilize new technology. They allow you to create creative ceilings, accessible to the average buyer. We are talking about the ceilings light lines. This is a relatively new type of decoration of the ceiling that has a presentable and creative look.

suspended ceiling with light lines in Odessa: pros and cons

the pictures of fashion magazines you may notice the light lines on suspended ceilings. Is an innovative technology which is widely used in interior design and looks very creative. At first glance it may seem that to manufacture and install a structure over the head hard enough. In fact, to play such a bold decision in any interior without ruinous costs.

Want to keep up with the times and creative to decorate the ceiling in the apartment, office, home, another room? Hurry up to contact Demi Lune. Our ceilings with the original lighting line help:

  • to create the room an attractive and modern ceiling;
  • the
  • to perform a zoning of the space;
  • the
  • correct accents in the interior;
  • the
  • to correct the geometry of the room;
  • the
  • to choose the right light and visually expand a small space;
  • the
  • to further illuminate the room;
  • the
  • to hide from prying eyes the defects and the defects of the old ceiling;
  • the
  • save electricity through the use of a backlight efficient led lights or other lighting sources.

Ceiling light line buyers have different names. Despite this, they look perfect and bright. Company demi-Lune offers rapid production and fast installation with the wishes of the customer.

Where to install the original lighting in the apartment?

Visually this method of finish seems not too good and not very applicable for residential premises. This is a mistaken point of view. Designers break the stereotypes and are increasingly using this method of finishing all types of interiors. It is very beautiful, fashionable and practical in life. You can see the ceiling light line anywhere from the office or store, to a country house or apartment.

In a country cottage or town house ceilings can decorate the living room or bedroom, successfully complement the hallway and even the bathroom.

office space the ceiling can be a real gem and the highlight of the interior.

Laconic and strict shapes makes the lighting line even more popular among lovers of modern interior and minimalist. The efficiency of lighting in illumination makes this method of finishing even more practical. In addition, the LEDs in the backlight for a long time burn out and require replacement. They don't fail in almost any conditions.

How to order floating suspended ceiling with light lines in Odessa from the manufacturer cheap?

to Buy ceilings soaring with the installation of website company demi the moon with light lines or in the retail outlets of the manufacturer in Odessa (TC Epicenter: the Prospect of hundreds of Heaven 99, Ovidiopolska road 1, Lanzheronovskaya str. 14). Our managers will give advice and answer all your questions about popular ways of finishing. We offer our customers not only the highest quality and conformity of products to European standards, as well as:

  • a good level of service;
  • affordable prices for all ceiling types, promotions and discounts;
  • wide assortment of PVC film of various textures and colors;
  • the warranty on the ceilings for 12 years and installation work for a period of 3 years;
  • rapid execution of orders of any volume;
  • quality installation experts with years of experience in PocoLoco-tensioning industry;
  • installation of ceilings at any stage of finishing without a large amount of debris, dust and dirt.
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