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Features of cold and warm awning hangars

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Warm pre-fabricated awning buildings are suitable for football pitches, skating rinks for year-round use, warehouses for different types of products and goods, production facilities.

Features of cold and warm awning hangars

Awning hangars have gained popularity due to the high speed of construction, low costs, and the absence of the need for obtaining special permits. They allow you to quickly start doing business. The main thing is to choose which type of hangar suits best: cold or warm.

Features of cold hangars

Cold awning hangars consist of a metal frame and an awning covering it. They are erected when it is assumed that the building will work only in the summer, or when there is no need to maintain a constant indoor temperature.

The main advantage of cold hangars is the low price. The total cost of an awning hangar depends on its area, the density of the awning, internal equipment, the type of foundation and other parameters. However, even for large cold-type warehouses, the price will be lower than for insulated ones.

Other benefits of cold hangars:

  • high speed of installation - frames are erected in 7-14 days, awnings are held together by heat welding or high frequency current;
  • waterproof, protection from all types of precipitation;
  • resistance to high snow and wind loads;
  • fire safety - PVC fabric is self-extinguishing, it does not support combustion, does not ignite when sparks hit it;
  • variety of colors, the ability to apply company logos, drawings, any printing;
  • the possibility of additional savings on lighting due to the use of translucent fabric.

Cold tent hangars are suitable for temporary warehouses, granaries, seasonal animal enclosures. Such hangars make good trade pavilions for mineral raw materials, fertilizers, building materials that do not require a special temperature regime. They are also suitable for ice arenas, outdoor skating rinks, temporary entertainment complexes. They can be built to hide special equipment.

Features of warm hangars

The design of warm awning hangars is similar to the design of cold ones. The main difference is that instead of a single-layer awning fabric, warm sandwich panels are used here. They are manufactured at the factory. Insulation, usually mineral wool, is placed between the two layers of the awning. The edges of the awning are sealed to form a sealed panel. This simplifies the hangar cladding and avoids mistakes.

Warm awning hangars also differ in size and type of frame. On the TechnoLok website you can find out more about how to buy a tent hangar for your needs, what type of frame to choose. Here you can also learn about the advantages of pre-fabricated buildings, the main of which are:

  • Possibility to use the hangar all year round.
  • Comfort. In insulated hangars, it is easy to maintain a comfortable temperature regime for both personnel and stored objects (goods, vegetables, fruits, grain) or animals.
  • High speed of construction, no different from the construction of cold hangars.
  • Long service life. The metal frame can last up to half a century, the sandwich panel coating - 15-20 children.
  • Ease of maintenance. The inside of the metal frame remains open for easy maintenance and inspection. The coating itself does not need special care, just keeping it clean.

Warm pre-fabricated awning buildings are suitable for football fields, year-round ice rinks, warehouses for different types of products and goods, production facilities. Inside, you can organize showers, toilets, different departments with different temperature conditions. The price of such hangars remains much lower than that of capital buildings made of reinforced concrete, which makes them in demand.

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