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Trolley mine (mine)

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Trolley mining is a haulage vessel, the main purpose of which is the transportation of citizens, goods, equipment on rails.

Trolley mine (mine)

Trolley mining is a haulage vessel, the main purpose of which is the transportation of citizens, goods, equipment on rails. If to differentiate these products, we can distinguish passenger, cargo and special types.

Mine cart truck type used:

  • To navigate through the paths of coal, ore. Work carried out on industrial sites, underground mines, ferrous metallurgy, exploration geologists;

  • for the construction of mines;

  • in the construction and restoration of the coal companies.

Mine cart passenger type used for transportation of employees as a direct, horizontal and inclined workings. When it comes to the latest variations, trolley mining can be as independent elements and component parts. Such driving elements can vary in number of seats, specific indicator of a single person, size, angle of path, speed, pull force, radius of curvature of the path, etc.

Trolley are constantly improving, moderniziriruyutsya, modified: improved power transport, equipment chassis apertures are complemented by sliding doors, the brake system becomes the type of evenly-distribution, pneumatic, locomotive controls specialist — driver.

If to speak about the purpose of the special trolleys, they are used in fire-fighting trains or the transportation of explosive materials, supplementary materials, dangerous machinery, and cargo.

Also trolley and different structural solutions. Are:

  • with a dull, not hinged to the body (they are the most common, as simple in terms of design. Their disadvantage is the low throughput and unloading only special stationary complexes);

  • with a hollow hinged body (an undeniable plus of this type — unloading is possible at any point of the route, but there is a significant drawback — a large self-weight of the equipment, not all processes are automated — you need to apply and manual unloading, the instability across) ;

  • with folding bottoms (the advantage of this type of trolleys — ensuring the free flow of traffic composition on the item. Unloading can also be carried out in independence from the location of the item and be carried out easily by opening the bottom even in the process of movement composition. The disadvantage is the complexity of the design);

  • with folding Board (a significant advantage over other types of cars — large fasting window. It guarantees excellent discharge without sticking of the material of large size. But, there are also disadvantages — high weight indicator and the structural complexity of execution).

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  • Mining truck trolley SVR-0,8, UVO-1,0, UVO-1,2, VG-0,6, VG is 0.8, VG-1,0, VG-1,2, VG-2,0, VG is 2.2, VG-3,0, VG-4,5, WB at 1.6, WB-2,0, XB = 2.5, and WB-3,0, WB-3,5, WB-4,0.

  • Trolley for transportation of people with HSV-10, HSV-12 HSV-14 HSV-16.

  • Trolley for transportation of explosive materials

  • Trolley for transportation of petroleum products

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