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The European auto Association have adopted a joint plan to resolve coronaries

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the Automotive sector the European Union is calling for to stimulate purchases of new cars, to give impetus to economic recovery.

The European auto Association have adopted a joint plan to resolve coronaries

COVID-19 has a serious impact on the economy, as retail trade and manufacturing activities is limited without precedent, and concerns are rising on consumer confidence. The European automotive sector, which was particularly affected, proposed a plan consisting of 25 points for the restart of the sector and the EU economy as a whole.

action plan intended for the decision makers, at EU level and at national level are some guidelines to a successful exit from coronaries.

the Plan drawn up by the four associations representing the entire supply chain of vehicles: from suppliers of equipment and tires to vehicle manufacturers, dealers and workshops (ACEA, CECRA, CLEPA and ETRMA).

As part of the action plan, the sector calls for coordinated schemes updates of vehicles for all types of vehicles and categories across the EU.

"It will increase private and business demand will support economic recovery in all areas, and will accelerate the rejuvenation of the vehicle fleet on European roads. Incentives for the purchase and investment should be based on similar criteria across Europe based on national funding and for EU funding. Such schemes must be improved by abolishing the contributions and must take into account the climate ambitions of society and the goals of resource efficiency combined with economic effect," - said in comments the European Association of vehicle manufacturers (ACEA).

Eric-mark Huitema, CEO of ACEA:

"it is Now crucial to return the entire automotive value chain in motion. We need a coordinated restart of industrial and retail activities preserving liquidity for the business. Targeted measures should be taken to create demand and investment. Stimulating demand will increase the load on our production capacity, retain jobs and investment."

Bernard Lykke, Director General of CECRA:

"For the resumption of mobility and economic activity, it is important that car dealerships and service centers opened as soon as possible in countries where they are still closed. Targeted incentives for the purchase and disposal scheme for all categories of vehicles, in addition to stimulate recovery, will make a positive contribution to the neutralization of carbon and road safety".

Sigrid de Vries, Secretary General CLEPA:

"Restarting the automotive sector will be the engine of the overall economic recovery due to the significant impact on employment and immediate effect on other sectors. Investing in people and R & d remain a key. Europe needs a strong automotive ecosystem to remain competitive and to advance ambitious goals in the field of protection of the environment, digital technologies and road safety".

Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary General of ETRMA:

"the auto sector is seeking to emerge from this crisis stronger than before. A successful restart requires a supportive regulatory framework that protects public health, minimizes the impact on the economy and provides a transition to a cyclic carbon-neutral economy. In close cooperation with the European Commission we want to contribute to a political answer that will lead to a successful recovery after COVID-19".

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