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Ukrainian government expects growth of coal production by 1.5 million tons

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Due to the shortage of coal, the Ukrainian government is making every effort to increase the production of fossil fuels. It doesn't matter who it is.

Ukrainian government expects growth of coal production by 1.5 million tons

The government of Ukraine expects the growth of coal production and will deal with the management of the mines, which do not fulfill its instructions to channel 80% of the funds from the sale of coal to wages, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal.

“Ukraine today needs coal more than ever. In connection with such a price for gas, due to the shortage of coal, we, of course, are making every effort to ensure that Ukrainian mines raise it as much as possible. Anyone. We really need him. With gratitude to the miners, we expect an increase in production, ”Shmygal said at a briefing during his working trip to Donetsk region on Wednesday.

“We expect that production will grow from 1.2 million tons and more. It is very important. This is what will provide us with the passage of the heating season. So far, we are very confident that we will pass it, "the prime minister added.

At the same time, he noted that in the current heating season, 14 out of 15 NPP power units are expected to work continuously, nevertheless, a lot of work is being done in relation to the provision of thermal generation with coal, since it plays the main role of maneuverable.

According to him, in this regard, along with the growth of its own production, great importance is attached to ensuring the import of coal.

“Coal generation is flexible power. You can't go anywhere without her. In this regard, we work a lot with companies that today are actively contracting and transporting coal - both by rail and by sea. All contracts where it is possible to buy coal have been implemented, ”the prime minister assured.

Answering a question from journalists about the prospects of paying off debts to employees of coal mining enterprises, Shmygal explained that this is a question for their management.

“I instructed the Minister of Energy to sort out and take personnel measures to those directors who, firstly, use money ineffectively, and secondly, do not comply with the government’s decisions to channel 80% of coal sales into wages. There are several mines that allocate only 10-30% to pay the miners, ”the prime minister said.

At the same time, according to him, there are no delays on the part of the state with payments to the mines. “The state fulfills its obligation to provide subsidies to miners in full,” the head of government emphasized.

As reported, in September 2021, the production of raw coal in Ukraine fell by 19.1% (by 502.9 thousand tons) compared to the same month last year - to 2 million 135.9 thousand tons.

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