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US virus deaths outnumbered World War II

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On Wednesday, the Johns Hopkins University tracker showed that 405,400 people died from COVID-19 in the United States, more than the total number of deaths for combat and non-combat purposes during World War II.

US virus deaths outnumbered World War II

New US President Joe Biden has warned that the worst is yet to come, as the death toll from the American coronavirus outnumbered the country's military deaths in World War II.

The World Health Organization said Wednesday that the number of coronavirus cases globally surpassed 96 million, aided by the emergence of new variants, including one that was first detected in the UK and has now spread to more than 60 countries.

The United States remains the hardest-hit country, accounting for roughly one fifth of the world's two million COVID-19 deaths.

“We need all our strength to survive this dark winter. We are entering the most difficult and deadly period for the spread of the virus, ”Biden said at his inauguration, when those present were wearing masks and were forced to observe social distancing.

Biden signed an Antique Initiative that mandates the wearing of masks in federal offices and ordered the creation of a COVID-19 Coordinator position.

He also signed a decree that reverses the decision of his predecessor, Donald Trump, to withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO). In the event that Biden had not taken such a step and would not have stopped the procedure for leaving WHO, the United States would have officially left the organization on July 6, 2021.

In addition, Biden brought the United States back into the Paris climate agreement. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres welcomed the decision of the US President to return to participation in the Paris Agreement, aimed at preventing rapid global warming on the planet.

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