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Ukraine is interested in import of electricity from Belarus Alexey Orzhel


Ukraine and Belarus will develop cooperation in matters of electrical grids, oil and gas transportation and other goods.

Ukraine is interested in import of electricity from Belarus Alexey Orzhel

As reported the press service of the Ministry of energy and environmental protection, representatives of Belarus and Ukraine at the meeting of the Ukrainian-Belarusian partnership in the energy sector discussed the possibilities of supplies between Ukraine and Belarus of electricity, considering how the economic viability of States and the bandwidth of power lines. It is projected that Ukraine imports from Belarus 2.1 billion kWh in 2020.

"Electricity is among the priority issues. In February should make the Belarusian nuclear power plant may have an excess of electricity. Of course, it is worth considering some of the interstate sections in the energy sphere", — said Ariel.

According to the press center, raised the issue of construction of new cross-border power grids. It was about the line between Rivne Ukrainian and Belarusian Brest. They also discussed the issue of construction of direct current on existing high-voltage lines 330 kV between ECO Belarus and Ukrainian IPS: Mazyr - the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the Gomel - Chernigov.

"I Remembered about the volume of potential imports under annual electricity balance of UPS of Ukraine (at the level of 1% of the total balance) and stated the fact of excess electricity generation in the Belarusian electric market, in the case of the commissioning of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. Emphasize the intention of purchasing such excess of Ukraine was not", - the Ministry said, adding that the partners discussed the issues of inter-state transmission lines 0.4-110 kV between Ukraine and Belarus in the framework of the supply of electricity between the border communities under contracts between the GPO "Belenergo" and "D. trading", concluded taking into account changes in the legislation of Ukraine.

From July 1, the Ukrainian authorities have opened the import of electricity to reduce the monopoly of DTEK. In September "Naftogaz of Ukraine" announced the beginning of deliveries of Belarusian electricity and its sale on the Ukrainian market.

Belarus for the fourth consecutive month, increases in the supply of electricity in Ukraine. In July it was supplied 103,6 million kW·h in August 146,6 million kW·h, in September — 179,4 million kW·h, in October — 215,2 million kW·h, according to the Ukrainian operator "Ukrenergo".

Among the foreign suppliers of electricity, also Hungary, Slovakia and Russia, Belarus occupies a leading position.

in addition, the meeting discussed the organization of oil supplies to Belarus through Ukraine, using oil pipeline "Odessa-Brody". As well as creating a joint venture that would be responsible for the transportation of oil to Belarusian oil refinery "Mozyr oil refinery".

Also the representatives of Belarus raised the question of the supply of jet fuel to Ukraine for "multichannel scheme". The parties agreed to consider the supply of jet fuel from Belarus to Ukraine under this scheme, it is more expedient within the framework of the 27th session of the intergovernmental Belarusian-Ukrainian mixed Commission on trade-economic cooperation. At the same meeting of the intergovernmental Commission will consider the possibility of lifting of import quotas in Ukraine sulfuric acid producers of the Republic of Belarus.

was discussed at the meeting and on cooperation in the coal and peat industries. In particular, Ukraine offers manufacturing and supplying mining and energy equipment, parts and components of fixed installations and pumping products for mine water. We are talking about the equipment of peat extraction enterprises of high-tech modern equipment. Belarus also proposes to import into Ukraine peat briquettes for heating.

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