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Pavlisin: Energoatom may face a shortage of funds for payment of taxes and salaries

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offers Minamaneho Energoatom of Ukraine to establish a working group to address critical issues of electricity market.

Pavlisin: Energoatom may face a shortage of funds for payment of taxes and salaries

problems of legislative support and the functioning of the nuclear industry and problems with the calculation in the electricity market discussed at the meeting in NAEK "Energoatom" the leaders of the Subcommittee on nuclear energy and nuclear safety of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ostap, Sipila, State nuclear regulatory Inspectorate Gregory Plachkov, head of the Directorate of nuclear power development and nuclear industry Alexander Shust, Energoatom Paul Pavlishin and GP "energy" Yury Gnatyuk.

In particular, the Internet Sipila reported that critical to the operation of NNEGC "Energoatom" legislation aimed at a final settlement of payables and receivables in the wholesale market of electric energy and to avoid weakening of state regulation of safe use of nuclear energy made by him and his colleagues on the parliamentary Committee on energy and housing and communal services Yury of Kamenchuk, Dmitry Pryputni and Andrei Gerus, already registered and has received a positive opinion of the relevant committees.

At the same time, the draft law on protection from inflation funds financial reserve intended for decommissioning of nuclear installations, the adoption of which is required by the terms of the Guarantee agreement with the EBRD, which was ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in may 2014, still has not submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the Ministry of energy and protect the environment.

As noted by the head of NAEK "Energoatom" Paul Pavlishin, the main challenges for the company in terms of functioning of the new electricity market remain the mechanism for the imposition of special obligations (to compensate for the difference in price for the population and the cost of "green tariff") and the solvency SE "Guaranteed buyer".

since the beginning of 2020, the debt of GP "Harpak" before SE "NNEGC "Energoatom" amounted to 2.8 billion hryvnia, while in February the growth of the debt is more than 1.8 billion hryvnia. That is, for the sold electricity, including PSO, Energoatom has received only half the funds. And this at a time when the JI mechanism does not cover economically justified costs of Energoatom, in particular for payment, dispatching and excise tax.

Pavlisin focused on the fact that the absence of timely and full payment of electricity for Energoatom has led to a shortage of funds for the implementation of the production program, on payment of fresh nuclear fuel and a complete lack of financing for the program under "Capital construction."

"This means that gamania will receive penalties from suppliers and contractors in the form of fines, but if an urgent situation is not solved, then in March we're probably going to experience a shortage of funds for the payment of taxes and wages," he said.

In turn, Chairman of the state nuclear regulatory Inspectorate Gregory Plachkov noted that there are fears that the financial deficit of the company may lead to non-implementation of planned activities on re-evaluation of safety and will prevent the granting of permission for starting of NPP units after planned preventative maintenance, in particular - ZNPP-5, which in may 2020 will be completed design life. The failure of the licensee to comply with the conditions of production of the declared activity to established norms and rules on nuclear and radiation safety may lead to the suspension of their license, - Plachkov said.

He also drew attention to the situation surrounding the revision of the eligibility requirements of the Department of energy and environmental protection to the head of NAEC "Energoatom". Plachkov said that as the President of Energoatom receives license of the state nuclear regulatory Inspectorate, the education, qualifications, and experience in the field of nuclear and radiation safety are important factors.

as a result of discussion the participants of the meeting supported the proposal of NNEGC "Energoatom" in the Ministry to establish a working group with the participation of NKREKP, Minamaneho, participants in the electricity market with the aim of resolving the situation.

"We are sure that there is a solution, but it is necessary to abstract from personal interests, to remember that we are working primarily on the Ukrainian state", - said Pavel Pavlyshyn.

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