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Vladimir Zelensky invited to adopt a programme of industry support of Ukraine

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the Corresponding statement the President made during a visit on Kryukovsky car-building plant, which for more than a year seeking from Ukrzaliznitsi orders for trains and cars.

Vladimir Zelensky invited to adopt a programme of industry support of Ukraine

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the government should develop a programme to support Ukrainian industry. The head of state said at the briefing following the visit to Kremenchug at JSC "Kryukov wagon works" (kvsz).

"I will consult with Prime Minister of Ukraine, to do at least what I said yesterday - the Vice-Minister of industry and trade, and will do the Ministry. Now, I think we are on the right track. We need such a Ministry, we need to develop a program of support for the Ukrainian industry," said Zelensky.

State orders for the domestic enterprises should become the impetus for expansion in foreign markets and the Ukrainian enterprises and the state as partners and allies. This statement was made by infrastructure Minister Vladislav Crickley at the briefing.

about the situation with the proper use of the exception from the list of enterprises eligible for capital repairs to extend the service life of passenger cars plying in the message, Vladislav Crickley noted that the situation will be resolved soon - the appropriate treatment is already prepared.

Minister of infrastructure said that depending on the availability at Ukrzaliznytsia additional financial resources, implemented a plan-or at least a wider plan of cooperation with proper use.

"minimum Plan - we're talking about 2-3 diesel trains this year and up to 100 passenger cars, but now finalizarea financial plan of Ukrainian Railways, will proceed from specific numbers. I would like to provide a large renovation of the rolling stock and diesel trains and to do so in Ukrzaliznytsya appeared additional financial resources. Mr. President, we hope that in the budget the amount of compensation from Gazprom, a certain portion would go custom for the Railways," said Crickley.

As coalsales earlier, in July 2019 Kryukovsky car-building plant has filed a lawsuit against Railways at 1.4 billion hryvnia, and argues that the monopoly by their actions bring the plant to bankruptcy.

the press service of Kryukiv railcar reported that Ukrzaliznytsia has violated four of the contract for the supply of a 54 passenger coaches, not paid for 11 passenger cars, received in December 2018 and January 2019, and also did not pay advance payments under contracts. In addition, Ukrzaliznytsia does not accept ready-made cars in accordance with the concluded agreements.

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