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At Dneprospetsstal remembered how the metal was melted for the first space flights

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Zaporizhzhya metallurgists supplied steel to create almost all space projects, starting with the first Earth satellite in 1957.

At Dneprospetsstal remembered how the metal was melted for the first space flights

Space history CHAO "DSS" began four years before the first manned flight into space on 4 October 1957. This day was launched the world's first artificial satellite PS-1 many of the details which was made of special steel Zaporozhye production.

As says the head of the group Central laboratory (Central laboratory), Leonid the King often orders for aerospace and aviation industry come under the "classified" and the workers did not know for what purposes is made of metal.

At Dneprospetsstal in those days had mastered a unique grade of steel that can withstand the load space and perform tasks in conditions of low temperatures, high pressure. The number of "space" include such brands as ЭП810ВД, Ди52ВД, ЭП678 - VD, as well as alloys on Nickel and iron-Nickel-based, heat-resistant alloys ЭП666ВД, ЭП915Ш and others. Many of these alloys are unique.

In the 60-ies, millions of people around the world with a sinking heart watched the launch of spacecraft "Vostok", "Energy", "Soyuz", "Buran". In the successful flight of these ships is the greatest merit of Zaporizhzhya metallurgists.

At the company I remember how in 1987 he coped with the task in orbit of the carrier rocket "Energy". But a successful launch was preceded by two unsuccessful attempts. Due to rupture of the welded joints in the head part of the rocket "Energy" could not reach the heights of space. This task was entrusted to dneprospetsstali professionals. And about how the project assigned to them, the factory workers could only guess. After all, the development was supervised by "people in uniform". The technology proposed factory minds, allowed the rocket to climb into the sky. After this metal under the name DSS was made the head part and parts of the "Energy".

the"Highlight" of DSS, you can call the manufacture of the instrument surpressing bearings, which is obtained by a double melting metal VDP. Products used for the aviation and aerospace industry.

the importance Of Dneprospetsstal for the space industry is the fact that in different years at the plant visited the cosmonauts Viktor Gorbatko and Vladimir Dzhanibekov.

world day of aviation and cosmonautics which is celebrated on 12 April, can rightly be considered a celebration of dneprospetsstali.

CHAO "DSS" today is a key producer of stainless steel long products markets of the CIS, and in Ukraine – the undisputed leader in this segment.

As the largest international company DSS develops, manufactures and sells metal products from stainless, tool, high-speed (including manufactured by powder metallurgy), bearing, structural alloy and carbon steels.

Used at the plant technology allows to obtain high-quality steels and alloys used in the most demanding industries - engineering, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace and oil and gas industries.

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