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Ukrainian "Energoatom" plans to enter the electricity market of the Baltic countries


the Company considers to be strategically important target markets of the Baltic States through the Belarusian power engineering industry.

Ukrainian "Energoatom" plans to enter the electricity market of the Baltic countries

NAEK "Energoatom" plans to expand electricity exports northward, towards the Baltic countries and highly liquid exchange market, Nord Pool. This was stated by the head of the OP "Energoatom trading" Maxim Zorin.

"Belarus is an opportunity to go further North, to the markets of the Baltic countries, the market is Nord Pool (the combined electricity market of 14 countries of the Baltic, Scandinavia, UK, Germany, etc. - ed.). The Baltic countries, connected by lines are direct current power systems of Europe and Scandinavia. This liquidity, predictable, modern power markets where there is demand, in particular, to the underlying power of ... We see strategically important to enter these markets," he said.

According to Zorin, "Energoatom trading" analyzed the price dynamics on long-term contracts in the markets of the Baltic countries and made a conclusion on expediency of presence in the region and the competitive advantages.

he Also added that "Energoatom" there is surplus unused capacity, and ensure that the export.

"we Have today are in reserve 2 units that are ready and should work, with 1 000 MW each. We have underutilized existing units, to say that we don't have enough opportunities to ensure demand from Ukrainian consumers - it's not quite true," said the head of "Energoatom trading".

Zorin also explained why Energoatom fails to make the first shipment for export on their own and was forced to sell a volume trader ("SC" Naftogaz of Ukraine").

"We, as a government enterprise regulated by the regulations and cannot enter into direct foreign economic contracts without proper procedures stipulated by law, namely auction. The auction rules do not provide for the possibility of entering non-residents, i.e. foreign players. We were forced to have passed the stage of deliveries to foreign markets through the relevant trader," said he, adding that the company has initiated changes in regulations, the possibility of selling power directly to foreign traders.

"After 15 years of pause we found an opportunity to start exporting outside Ukraine is the first step, and we hope we have that in the near future we will expand the markets, we can be there stable, thus will provide greater workings of electricity at marketable prices", - concluded Mr. Zorin.

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