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A law on energy waste processing may appear in Ukraine


The country has accumulated more than 12 million tons of waste, which can be recycled to produce energy.

A law on energy waste processing may appear in Ukraine

The State Energy Efficiency of Ukraine has prepared legislative changes to create conditions to stimulate energy waste disposal and the use of renewable fuels from waste. On this occasion, the Agency organized online discussions of the draft law with representatives of the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Regional Development and stakeholders.

Introducing the initiative, the acting Konstantin Gura, Chairman of the State Energy Efficiency Committee, explained that today there are about 12 million tons of waste in the country. The problem of their accumulation requires urgent solutions and modern world approaches, namely, the production of energy from waste and substitution in gas equivalent of up to 1 billion cubic meters per year.

According to statistics, in Ukraine 93% of waste is taken to landfills. At the same time, in neighboring Sweden, 99% of garbage is sorted, of which half goes to energy utilization.

“Therefore, our task is to ultimately create favorable conditions for the production of energy from municipal solid waste and investment in such projects. This requires transparent and understandable legislation, ”said K. Goura.

Recycled content in plastic packaging increased by 22 percent globally in 2019, and reusable packaging increased by 0.1 percent. This is stated in a new report by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) on the progress achieved over the year in the framework of the global initiative "New Plastics Economy".

“As follows from our report, governments are taking measures to solve the most common problems, including through a multilateral political approach, when, for example, a system of extended liability for manufacturers, tax breaks and public procurement practices are being introduced,” she said Ligia Noronya, UNEP Representative.

“We urge other governments to follow suit and start working closely together globally,” she added.

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