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Special equipment is being overhauled in sintering shops of DMK


An excavator, designed to load the ore pile into the receiving bunkers of the underground gallery of the workshop, got up for repairs.

Special equipment is being overhauled in sintering shops of DMK

An overhaul of the EKG-5A excavator is being carried out in the sinter shop of the Dnieper Metallurgical Combine, which is designed for 30 days.

“In the process of overhaul, almost all the main parts and structures of the working machine will be replaced with new ones. These are the main mechanisms for moving the excavator, and mechanisms for rotating the turntable and lifting the bucket. The new excavator boom with a pressure mechanism is also ready for installation. The driver's cab and control panel are subject to complete replacement. The undercarriage of the machine is being overhauled with the replacement of the running wheels and track links, ”said Vladimir Dashko, acting deputy head of the sintering department for engineering at DMK.

Upon completion of the overhaul, the workers will check the electrical equipment and adjust the control devices, during which, if necessary, the cabling and wiring products of the machine will be replaced.

The teams of the contractor Metinvest-Promservice LLC have been involved in the overhaul of special equipment. Overhaul will ensure safe and trouble-free operation of the excavator for a long time.


Excavator EKG-5A is a type of special equipment necessary in the agglomeration production of DMK. Designed for loading ore piles into the receiving bins of the underground gallery of the workshop. Also, with the help of an excavator at the ore yard, the composition of raw materials for the production of sinter is averaged. This excavator was put into operation in 1991. In total, 6 excavators of the EKG-5A modification are operated in the sinter shop, 4 are currently in operation.

Public Joint Stock Company "Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant" is one of the largest enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine, with a 130-year history of outstanding achievements.

PJSC "DMK" is one of the six leading metallurgical plants in the country in terms of production and sales of metal products. The plant is located in Kamenskoe, Ukraine.

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