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Uzbek metallurgists were satisfied with the progress of the order at NKMZ

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The lifting-and-rotating steel-pouring stand is one of the main parts of the technological equipment of a modern continuous casting machine. NKMZ made it mobile.

Uzbek metallurgists were satisfied with the progress of the order at NKMZ

At the Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant, the customers - metallurgists of OJSC "Uzmetkombinat" (Bekabad, Republic of Uzbekistan) presented a modern lift-and-rotate steel-pouring stand of a new design to customers - metallurgists. Having familiarized themselves with the work of the stand, the Uzbek specialists were completely satisfied with it. As a result, an intermediate acceptance certificate was signed.

NKMZ has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and replacement of steel-pouring stands of all types and various carrying capacities. For almost twenty years, the enterprise has manufactured and delivered 19 such stands for metallurgists of Ukraine, Europe and Russia, each of which has certain peculiarities. The highlight of this 20th stand is mobility. The contract for its manufacture between NKMZ and Uzmetkombinat was signed at the end of August 2020, and in October all the necessary documentation was issued for production.

Another feature of this contract is that the customer has set a rather tight deadline for the delivery of equipment, while the Novokramatorsky managed to ensure its early production.

Vladimir Chibishev, Deputy Head of the Electric Steel Smelting Shop for Mechanical and Power Equipment of OJSC Uzmetkombinat, shared his first impressions of the new stand.

“The brainchild of the Novokramatorsk people is impressive. I think we were not mistaken in choosing a stand manufacturer. As a specialist, I have been to many enterprises in the post-Soviet space. In comparison with them, NKMZ surprises with its large capacities and high potential. Your company has a great future. The Uzbek Metallurgical Plant plans to increase production capacity, modernize and upgrade equipment. I think that we will find a common language with NKMZ in terms of further cooperation, ”Chibishev said.

Andrey Tsarev, chief designer of the design department of the metallurgical and mine-tunneling equipment division of NKMZ, talks about the specifics of this contract.

“When concluding the contract, we managed to win in a tough competition, because in the process of preparing it we worked closely with the technical specialists of the Uzmetkombinat, and in the new stand we tried to implement all the solutions they needed.

It has two independent lifts, the lifting capacity of each log is about 200 tons. All steel-pouring stands previously manufactured by NKMZ were installed permanently. And this one will be installed on a roll-out platform that has its own drive, which will move it at a distance of five meters from the casting axis. The need to move the stand arose due to the impossibility of assembling it in the space between the aisles of the workshop, where it will be finally installed.

Previously, we have already worked with the Uzbek Metallurgical Plant, now we have restored our partnership. Now we are participating in a tender for the supply of a pump and storage station for the same continuous casting machine. In the future, we will participate in the tender for the reconstruction of the continuous casting machine as a whole, ”Tsarev promised.

The advantages of NKMZ steel-pouring stands in comparison with stands of other manufacturers are that more than 20 patents have been obtained for the new design solutions used in them. This circumstance allows them to be on the market for this equipment much more attractive in comparison with similar products of competitors.

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