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Fuselages of all Airbus A220 aircraft are manufactured in China

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The 100th central fuselage section of the Airbus A220 rolled off the assembly line of the Chinese company SAC Commercial Aircraft International Ltd.

Fuselages of all Airbus A220 aircraft are manufactured in China

On Friday, in Shenyang (Liaoning Province, Northeast China), the 100th center fuselage for an Airbus A220 rolled off the production line of one enterprise.

This part of the fuselage was manufactured by SAC Commercial Aircraft International Ltd. (SACI), a subsidiary of China Aviation Industry Corporation.

Weighing about 4.6 tonnes and up to 16 meters long, this is the largest and most complex part of the A220 single-aisle aircraft fuselage.

“The timely completion of the manufacturing process and the delivery of the center fuselage demonstrates our manufacturing capabilities, which emphasize safety, quality and reliability,” said SACI Chairman Deng Yudong.

“This demonstrates our confidence in the A220 aircraft, in our collaboration with Airbus and the civilian aircraft industry in China,” said Deng Yudong, adding that the company's confidence is based on market recognition, strengthening the internal supply chain and stable cooperation between China and Europe.

SACI's monthly production is now sufficient to meet the construction needs of five A220 aircraft.

However, SACI is ramping up production to meet the monthly production requirements of the Airbus A220, which will reach six and 14 aircraft by early 2022 and by the middle of this decade, respectively, according to company data.

"Quality is the basis for safety, high speed of delivery is a guarantee of economy, and new technologies, a low carbon footprint and environmental protection are the key to sustainable development," said Deng Yudong.

Airbus and SACI have pledged to deepen their cooperation to ensure the quality and supply of aircraft parts, and to accelerate production, he added.

Single-aisle narrow-body aircraft of the A220 family are intended for the segment of the aircraft market with the number of seats from 100 to 150. To date, more than 640 orders have been received for aircraft of this family, and 159 aircraft have already been delivered to the market.

“The fuselages of all A220 aircraft that fly around the world are manufactured here. There are many reasons for Airbus to continue and expand its cooperation with China, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively, ”said Michelle Tran Wang, Chief Operating Officer of Airbus China.

“China is our key market and the hub of our supply chain, but it is much more than just a market. It is an integral part of the global aviation ecosystem, a country with talented people, vitality of innovation and good potential, ”said Tran Van.

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