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An art object made of Metinvest steel was opened in Cherkasy region

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The Heart of Ukraine art object, made of Metinvest steel, was opened in the Cherkasy region on August 23, on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the country's independence.

An art object made of Metinvest steel was opened in Cherkasy region

The complex is located in the geographical center of Ukraine - the village of Maryanovka, Zvenigorod district. Until recently, only a memorial sign informed about the location of the center of the country.

The art object consists of 25 pairs of wings that symbolize all regions of Ukraine and the Republic of Crimea. The white steel wings are adorned with patterns characteristic of each region. In the center of the complex, under glass, there is a sculpture of a heart. The composition is complemented by a 52-meter flagpole with the largest Ukrainian flag in the Cherkasy region. The area of ​​the complex is almost 5 thousand square meters, the height is more than 5 meters.

"Heart of Ukraine" was created according to the principles of a barrier-free environment: it provides a ramp, tactile navigation, an audio guide, a model of a complex for hearing impaired people.

For the construction of the art object, Metinvest supplied more than 66 tons of steel worth UAH 2.8 million. Hot-rolled sheets, pipes, angles and channels were produced at the Mariupol enterprises of the Group - Ilyich Iron and Steel Works and Azovstal.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky:

- Today we have a big family holiday - the day of the symbol of our big family, the day of the blue-yellow flag, the Day of the State Flag of Ukraine. On the 30th anniversary of the restoration of our independence, we will raise it right here, in the geographical center of Ukraine. It is here that the heart, the heart of Ukraine, beats. It is an art object surrounded by 25 steel wings that symbolize our 24 regions and our Crimea.

General Director of Metinvest Group Yury Ryzhenkov:

- Steel "Heart of Ukraine" is located in the very center of the country and is made of Ukrainian metal. And this is our reason for pride. We are confident that there are still many reasons to be proud of Ukrainian things ahead of each of us, because metallurgy and the entire industry work for the prosperity and development of the country. Metinvest Group was established on the equator of Independence of Ukraine, and every day for all 15 years of work we prove the truth of these words. And we will continue to do this because we believe in Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Head of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration Alexander Skichko:

- We wanted to create something special for the 30th anniversary of our Ukraine. We must not only remember the past, but also create the present. I was unpleasantly surprised when I first saw in the Cherkasy region the "geographical center of Ukraine": an inconspicuous and unfinished memorial sign in the middle of a field ... Therefore, we decided to create a unique art object there: symbolically unite all of Ukraine in one place of power. They built it without a penny of budgetary funds. It's nice that there were many caring entrepreneurs who were fired up by our idea. These are not only Cherkasy companies, but also all-Ukrainian ones. I am grateful to every patron!

Over 15 years of operation, Metinvest Group, including associated companies, has produced 179 million tons of steel. Many objects in Ukraine and around the world have been built from this metal. In particular, this is a new sarcophagus over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the Olympic Stadium and Darnitsky Bridge in Kiev, The Shard skyscraper in London, The Shed cultural center and The Oculus transport hub in New York, the world's largest sailing ship Flying Clipper and much more.

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