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Faithfully: GHH Group drilling rigs at the service of UMMC

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Faithfully: GHH Group drilling rigs at the service of UMMC

At the Yubileinoe deposit, LLC Bashkirskaya Med '(an enterprise of the metallurgical complex of UMMC) is meeting its third year of operation with Face Master 2.3 double-barreled tunneling rigs manufactured by Mine Master, a member of the GHH Group.
Throughout the entire time, from the moment of testing and the beginning of operation, the equipment was under the close, professional attention of the GHH Group service specialists, which, taking into account the customer's requests and the features of using Face Master 2.3, made technical improvements to the machine.
So, at the very beginning of operation, the adjustment of the feeders was "debugged" according to individual customer requests and taking into account Russian realities. Operators' wishes for adjusting the boom travel speed have been implemented by installing an additional control valve. They also added reinforced sliding parts, reinforced the front centralizer and replaced the mountings on the booms. Now the arrows have become more "stiff" and stable when the rock mass falls on them.
It is worth noting that service engineers found a solution and carried out modernization, working "ahead of the curve" based on the customer's initial requests. The improvements made allowed us to adapt the equipment to the customer's requests as much as possible.
“The Face Master 2.3 drilling rig has shown its reliable character. Today, the machine has been modified for local conditions, taking into account the climatic features and the specifics of the occurrence of the rocks of the field. The introduction of the GHH Group service department into the production process at the Yubileinoye field made it possible to quickly respond, make decisions, make changes and adapt in a short time the capabilities of the machines to the current customer's requests and field conditions, "said Dmitry Zhukov, executive director of GHH Group in Russia.

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