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Production of packaging bags to order

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Production of packaging bags to order

Today it is impossible to imagine more than one type or range of products sold through retail chains, which would be purchased without packaging in plastic bags. Even in supermarkets, they are provided to customers in unlimited quantities for comfortable self-packing of bulk products. This means that each consumer several times a day holds in his hands such a package that he can carry on himself in addition:

  • An advertisement for a sales organization or product.
  • Information regarding quality and cost.

Such packaging can be purchased from the POLIMERSINTEZ company, which carries out production of packaging bags to order using high-tech equipment and raw materials that meet sanitary safety standards. The customer chooses the type, size of packages and the format of the information printed on them (logo, symbols, slogan) by providing his own sketches or using the services of the company's in-house designer.

Zip-lock bags

Zip-lock bags with a lock are in great demand among trade organizations today, allowing the use of such packaging for various types of products in a reusable format. You can order packages in various dimensions, and the cost will not be much higher than the cost of purchasing conventional analogs. Additionally, the company has mastered the release of packages:

  1. With adhesive tape for airtight closure.
  2. Equipped with a reusable sticky valve.
  3. Complete with hooks for hanging use.

Such packaging is made taking into account the client's requirements for material transparency, density (thickness) and dimensions (capacity). You can get more complete information and familiarize yourself with the conditions of an order for the manufacture of a batch of packages of a certain type using the official website of the POLIMERSINTEZ company. For an individual consultation on the resource, there is an option of contacting a technical manager who will answer all the questions that customers have and help with filling out an application.

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