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MMK became the winner of national award in the field of import substitution "Priority-2019"

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Sinter plant No. 5 is built using the best available technologies, capable of producing annually 5.5 million tons of sinter with a high iron content, which will provide the blast furnace shop of MMK higher-grade raw materials and increase the efficiency of sintering and blast furnace production.
the Commissioning of the new sinter plant has an opportunity to retire obsolete equipment of sintering plant No. 4. As a result, the dust emission decreased in 2 times, sulfur dioxide 4 times, benzopyrene 16 times, which resulted in significant improvement of quality of atmospheric air in Magnitogorsk. In the first 9 months 2019 a comprehensive index of atmospheric pollution (KIZA) decreased to the level of 7.62, which is the lowest value of the index for the entire history of observations. Earlier this year, Magnitogorsk was excluded from the list of cities with the most polluted air that are reflected in the report of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Russia.
"Improving air quality in Magnitogorsk – the result of a major environmental activities that the company carries out systematically for many years – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC "MMK" Victor Rashnikov. – MMK confidently approaching achievement of the strategic goal: reduce the complex index of atmospheric pollution in Magnitogorsk to less than 5 units that is a part of our strategy, designed until 2025. Recall that the value of 5 units corresponds to the definition of "Clean city".
MMK becomes laureate of "Priority" for the fourth year in a row in 2018, the company won the award for rental SteelArt polymer produced at Lysva metallurgical plant in 2017 - for the development of facilities for the production of high quality of galvanized steel, and the year before – for the development and introduction into industrial production of high-strength and wear-resistant steels MAGSTRONG.
an Annual competition in the field of import substitution "Priority" is established to identify and promote the best of Russian technologies, solutions, products and services. To date, the "Priority" – the first and only in Russia award, awarded to the best companies in the country that have achieved the greatest success in the field of import substitution.

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