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The best projects of "UMMC Engineering" will be implemented in production

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The best projects of "UMMC Engineering" will be implemented in production

Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk region)

The results of the interregional competition for the best engineering idea among schoolchildren and students were summed up today at the UMMC Technical University. Participants from 11 regions of the country met in the final of "UMMC Engineering". They presented more than 50 projects to improve the production of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, their digitalization and automation.

The teams presented their work in the form of models and prototypes of products in action. At the exhibition of the best projects, which was attended by the general director of UMMC, Andrey Kozitsyn, the guys demonstrated new test benches and equipment, industrial robots, storehouse drones, solutions for energy saving and the manufacture of new products from production waste, and much more.

“ Most of the work presented here may well be implemented in practice. To do this, they need to be transformed into projects and the economic efficiency must be calculated in detail. If there is a positive result, the ideas will become reality, and taking into account the effect obtained at the enterprises, we will definitely encourage the guys to feel the result of their work. If at such a young age they see that their ideas are being implemented in reality, then I think it will be a great incentive for them to continue to engage in engineering, ”the UMMC General Director shared his impressions of the exhibition.

The peculiarity of" UMMC Engineering "is that the participants get acquainted in detail with modern production, understand the urgent tasks of enterprises, themselves invent and manufacture new technical devices. The development of competitive projects was carried out for six months under the guidance of mentors: engineers of UMMC enterprises and teachers. The best projects that won in the factory stages of the competition were selected for the final of the competition.

"UMMC Engineering" was conceived by the UMMC personnel department to identify and support children with the ability to technical creativity and invention. Technical services and enterprises of UMMC set engineering tasks and help the competition teams in solving them. In order for qualified engineers and technicians to come to factories, it is necessary to engage children with mining and metallurgical topics from school and develop their engineering skills, ”explained Evgeny Karaman, chairman of the competition committee, advisor to the UMMC HR director.

The competition is held for the second year consecutively, that is why today at the enterprises of the holding one can already see the implemented projects of the participants of the "Engineering of UMMC". For example, for the production of copper wire rod of Uralelectromed JSC, high school students have improved the packaging process for finished products, which completely excludes moisture ingress on the wire rod (copper wire) and thus allows maintaining its quality. A real economic effect of 100 thousand rubles has already been obtained. And at the production site of the Gaysky GOK (an enterprise of the raw materials complex of the UMMC), schoolchildren created a model of a robotic installation for online control "Reactor of Protection". The system monitors the condition of electrical equipment and cable lines, prevents accidents. As a result, an economic effect of over 300 thousand rubles was achieved. In total, following the results of the first “UMMC Engineering”, 12 competitive projects were implemented, and 18 more are in the process of implementation. The winning projects of this year have been sent for examination by the leading engineers of UMMC, after which a decision will be made on the possibility of their application.

Engineering of UMMC in figures (since 2017):

13 regions of Russia:

Sverdlovsk region

Republic of Bashkortostan

Orenburg region

Chelyabinsk region

Kurgan Region

Tyumen Region

Altai Territory

Tomsk Region

Kemerovo Region

Kirov Region

Vladimir region

North Ossetia-Alania


450 schoolchildren and students

170 teacher-mentors

150 mentor engineers

50 experts

200 engineering projects

Competitive directions:

- Metallurgy

- Automation and Robotics

- Energy

- Mining

- Ecology and Industrial Safety

- Information Technology

12 projects implemented at UMMC production facilities

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