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Cherepovets steel mill in 2019 has reduced emissions by 7.7% during the implementation of the national project "Ecology"

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's leading vertically integrated
steel and mining companies due to large investment projects and
organizational and technological measures, including, in the framework of the national
the project "Ecology" has reduced the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere from
the Cherepovets metallurgical plant (CHerMK) almost 23 thousand tons.

according to General Director of "Severstal Russian steel"
Evgeny Vinogradov, reducing emissions in 2019 7.7%*.

"Work on reduction of emissions was carried out in two directions. The first is
a comprehensive action plan to reduce emissions of pollutants into
the atmospheric air, adopted in Cherepovets in the years 2019-2024. It is included in the
national project "Ecology", at the end of 2019 completed his six
events. Second – organizational and technological activities in the
manufacturing plants. Emissions from the Cherepovets steel mill total decreased by 22.77 thousand tons,
that is 7.7%. For the implementation of the completed Comprehensive plan
was sent to the 5.8 billion rubles", - says Evgeny Vinogradov.

In the comprehensive plan of JSC "Severstal" consisted of 15 events with the expected
the effect of reducing by more than 30 000 tons. In 2019 the plan the company
fully made up 6 events**. Reduction of emissions of pollutants
at the end of 2019 only due to the completed action plan made
more than 10.5 thousand tons (with respect to 2017). Thus, a significant part
of national project activities the enterprise has implemented.

In General, the environmental projects, which gave a result, were implemented in the
consoildation and steel production plant. In particular, went
on the design capacity of the unified gas purification installation "ladle – furnace # 2" and
three installations of metal finishing. In the sintering plant No. 2 reconstruction node
solid fuel. Environmental impact – reduce emissions by 7 764 tons of
achieved by reducing coke consumption in the sintering process and
accordingly, reduction of release of carbon monoxide.

Also in consoildation production mounted vasodilatory, the imager.
installation of the equipment allows in automatic mode to manage the
process sintering, whereby at the end of 2019 reduction
was 253 tons.

Significant reductions in 2019 has brought a reconstruction of coke-oven
- battery 4 held in 2018. During the reconstruction of coke oven battery No. 4 (with
the increase in capacity from 420 thousand tons to 460 thousand tons per year)
eliminated the dust emissions in the atmospheric air and in production
facilities of the tract of transportation of coke.

in addition, has been upgraded off gas suction system of the steelmaking furnaces,
used for the production of iron powders with the installation of a new bag
filter in the "SSM-Tyazhmash".

Also in 2019 ahead of time, began to implement the
implementation of magnetic-gravity separation of iron ore
concentrate of JSC "Alcon". Through the introduction of technology and increase the content of
iron in the concentrate was able to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions at the Cherepovets steel mill.
the effect Achieved by the end of 2019 was 3 109 tons.

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