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A new excavator started working at Mikhailovsky GOK

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At the Mikhailovsky mining and processing plant named after A.V. Varicheva (part of the Metalloinvest company), a new 20-cubic-meter excavator with a monthly capacity of 270 thousand tons of iron ore has begun work. The equipment was acquired as part of the development program for the mining complex of Metalloinvest.

The excavator produced at Uralmash was the third excavator at the plant with such a bucket capacity, but the new model has a number of features.

“The excavator is distinguished by improved software and control system, - said Dmitry Rogozhkin, head of excavator section No. 1 of the Mikhailovsky GOK mine administration. - The main parameters of the equipment are displayed on monitors located in the excavator cab, which provides high control over the loading process. On a new machine, this information is more detailed than on previous models. The driver sees on the screens the picture from the video surveillance cameras, receives information about the movement of mining equipment in the quarry, the condition of the mechanisms and even the weight of the rock in the scooped up bucket.

During the installation of the excavator, at the initiative of the mining specialists, important improvements were made to the design: the body was reinforced with additional brackets, and the undercarriage was raised to prevent the tracks from touching the side of the machine. All this will ensure the smooth operation of the excavator and will increase its service life.

The new technology meets all safety requirements. The excavator is equipped with side view cameras, the seat in the cab is installed on air suspension to reduce the vibration load, there is a climate control and noise suppression system.

Modernization of the mining and transport complex machinery fleet is one of the important points of Metalloinvest's investment program. This year, Mikhailovsky GOK received two BELAZ dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 220 tons, two BELAZ dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 240 tons, a WK-35 excavator with a bucket volume of 25 m3, and a TEM-18 diesel locomotive.

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