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Buying an electronic lock

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Buying an electronic lock

Standard door locks are gradually losing their relevance. They are being replaced by electronic locks, which are gaining wide popularity. These locks provide reliability, security and access control. If you need choose high-quality electronic locks, you can contact the specialists of the company "Engineering and technical systems". They will offer expert assistance in choosing the right electronic lock.

Assortment of electronic locks

If you are faced with the task of choosing a high-quality electromagnetic lock, you can familiarize yourself with the catalog offers. Here are models of locks with different technical parameters.

Thanks to the convenient form of selection, you can buy a lock that suits your needs. The main search parameters are:

  • Manufacturer.
  • Food.
  • Material.
  • Color
  • Side of the door opening.
  • Breakout force.

Company locks can be controlled by video or audio intercom. You can also use the code keyboard. To enter the premises, you must use a special code, card or electronic key.

To install this type of lock, both the invoice and the mortise method are used. The mortise installation method is very popular, since it can be used not only for a new door, but also for an existing door leaf.

Where to order an electric lock?

The site contains a catalog of electronic locks with different functionality. You can buy both a budget model of the lock in an affordable price range, as well as a high-quality model with popular features such as fingerprints. The price range is varied and targeted at clients with varied needs. These are models of such manufacturers: Samsung, China, LocPro and others.

The company's specialists offer to purchase all the necessary accessories for installation, as well as a large selection of lock models. Experts can offer customers a wide range of additional services, from installation of systems to delivery. You can find out more about the services and conditions for ordering electromagnetic locks on the website.

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