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Construction of a warehouse for charge materials began at MMSK

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Construction of a warehouse for charge materials began at MMSK

Mednogorsk (Orenburg region)

The Mednogorsk copper-sulfuric plant has begun construction of a warehouse for the simultaneous storage of 20 thousand tons of raw materials. The cost of the next capital construction project of the MMSK will be about 441 million rubles. Of these, 138.5 million rubles are planned to be spent in 2021.

The overall dimensions of the warehouse will be 146x24 meters at the base and 18.5 meters in height. A railway overpass will be located in the center of the warehouse, where nine wagons can be unloaded at the same time. In addition, the project includes two overhead grab cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 tons. For accurate dosing of charge materials, weighing batchers with a capacity of 125 tons /hour will be installed under six supply bins. The weighed raw materials will be supplied to the copper smelting shop by a belt conveyor installed in a closed gallery with a total length of 95 meters.

- Construction of a warehouse for charge materials is carried out in order to ensure the smooth operation of the plant. Currently, raw materials are supplied to the copper smelting shop according to the existing conveyor scheme from the section for preparing raw materials and charge, the capacity of which does not cover the needs of the main shop of the metallurgical enterprise in the amount of required raw materials. The facility, which is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of 2022, will not only make it possible to forget about the storage of copper-containing raw materials in the open air, but also significantly expand the capabilities of the copper smelting shop in increasing the productivity of furnaces and units, says Vitaly Pykhtin, head of the raw materials and charge preparation section of the MPC. p>

The project is being implemented taking into account the existing railway tracks and in the immediate vicinity of the copper smelting shop. Therefore, when developing the project of the production facility, the existing differences in the heights of the industrial site were taken into account.

- At the first stage of the construction of the charge pit, a retaining wall 11 meters high, 177 meters long, worth 9.8 million rubles is being erected. A solid engineering structure is designed to hold the soil on the slope, on the upper plane of which the supporting structures of the charge materials warehouse will be installed, - comments the head of the capital construction department Denis Aznabaev.

We add that the total amount of funds planned by the copper-sulfur plant in 2021 for capital construction, is 392 million rubles, of which about 50 million rubles - the cost of the railway depot for the repair of maneuverable locomotives and wagons, which is currently under construction.

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