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Features of printing on a tin can

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Features of printing on a tin can

A tin can is a popular type of container that is often found on the shelves of modern stores and supermarkets. Some products of this type are decorated as brightly and colorfully as possible, others are simpler and more restrained, but all equally attract the attention of buyers. Such packaging is completely sealed and very convenient for storing goods. But putting any information on it is not easy.

Most of the cans produced today are used for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Some products are used for peas, corn, canned meat and fish, and other types of food products. It doesn't matter what is in the bank - according to the rules of the law, in any case basic information should be reported on it. These are the composition, manufacturer, date of manufacture, expiration date, storage conditions.

Features of printing technologies on tin

For marking, they resort to specialized methods and specific equipment. Information is displayed in text or letter form. They comply with the norms prescribed in the current legislation. Labeling is necessary to satisfy the consumer's right to detailed information about the product.

Every manufacturer must follow legal requirements when placing data on a product. This is necessary not only to convey the necessary information to the consumer, but also to protect against counterfeiting. Often, it is precisely by the external signs applied with the help of printing technologies that the buyer understands that he is in front of the original packaging.

Printing on cans assumes the obligatory presence of such information:

  • is a trademark of the manufacturer. Its presence is necessary for correct identification;
  • production date. The batch is also indicated;
  • capacity. It is necessary to prescribe the nominal value;
  • special character assigned to food;
  • sign indicating the possibility of subsequent disposal of the can.

It is important to provide as much information as possible about the manufacturer. This is the name, the country in which the product is released, the legal address of the manufacturer. During the printing process, it is imperative to indicate the composition of the product with all the ingredients in descending order. They start with the one with the highest ratio. The law prescribes to indicate nutritional and energy values.

All inscriptions must be clear, legible, resistant to wear and tear. Then they will not disappear during transportation, storage or sale of goods. This can be achieved thanks to modern printing technologies.

Different methods are used for marking: thermal jet, continuous jet, laser. In the first case, the printers work on contactless technology with a clear barcode. Graphic and text information is displayed. The continuous inkjet technique is also based on non-contact data application. The most versatile are laser printers. They are used to mark various materials, including glass.

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