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UMMC-Developer will build five skyscrapers in Yekaterinburg with the support of Sberbank

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UMMC-Developer will build five skyscrapers in Yekaterinburg with the support of Sberbank

Five new skyscrapers and three office buildings will be built in the center of Yekaterinburg. The objects will become part of the Yekaterinburg-City quarter already built on the banks of the Iset. The construction of new buildings will be financed by Sberbank. The parties concluded an agreement on this at the Innoprom international industrial exhibition.

On the part of the developer, the agreement was signed by the general director of Yekaterinburg-City LLC Evgeny Mordovin, on the part of the financial institution - the chairman of the Ural bank of Sberbank Dmitry Sukhoverkhov.

Buildings will be erected within the boundaries of the streets of Chelyuskintsev - Boris Yeltsin - Fighting squads - October Revolution. Skyscrapers and office buildings will occupy an area of ​​4 hectares. The planned implementation period of the project is 10 years. The total area of ​​the entire project will be almost 347 thousand square meters. At the same time, 30% of the project area will become a place to live, 30% - for work and 40% - public spaces for recreation and entertainment.

The height of two skyscrapers will reach 180 meters, one more - 170 meters, and two - 130 meters. Office buildings will have a variable number of storeys - from 16 to 25 floors. The skyscrapers will house apartments, hotels, offices and apartments. The lower floors of the buildings will be used for shops, restaurants and a fitness club. The project provides for the construction of a six-story gastromall with terraces, shopping and entertainment residences, educational institutions. Public spaces are equipped with walking areas and bike paths. Parking for cars will be located underground.

The agreement also includes cooperation on the development of the developer's management company: analysis of the current operational efficiency and potential of additional services for residents, prioritizing development initiatives for the management company, drawing up KPIs, road maps and recommendations IT solutions for process development. Sberbank acts as a consultant.

Dmitry Sukhoverkhov, Chairman of the Ural Bank of Sberbank:

- Yekaterinburg-City will become a unique object on the city map, a place of attraction for residents and guests of the capital of the Urals. It will increase the investment attractiveness of the entire region and give an impetus to business development. We are proud that Sberbank has chosen Sberbank as a financial partner for the implementation of such a large-scale project, and we will provide the developer with comprehensive support at every stage of construction.

Evgeny Mordovin, General Director of Yekaterinburg-City LLC:

- “We intend the geographical center of the city where Yekaterinburg- City ", to turn into a center of public attraction, open, convenient, beautiful, safe for its residents, and for citizens, and for business, and in terms of infrastructure and improvement it is not inferior to similar locations in the world's leading capitals. The concept of this project is a place for meeting, development, entertainment, work and life in one location. Long-term cooperation with Sberbank allows you to be sure that the financial guarantees of the project will be provided. We are grateful to Sberbank for confidence in the projects of UMMC-Developer. Today UMMC-Builder manages more than 500,000 m 2 . Over the next five years, we plan to increase this value to 1,000,000 m 2 . These are about 15,000 properties and 45,000 residents. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to obtain from Sberbank the competencies it has accumulated in automation and management of “big data”. This will improve the quality of life of residents of all projects of UMMC-Developer.

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