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"Kuzbassrazrezugol" landscaped a park in the village of Bachatsky

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"Kuzbassrazrezugol" landscaped a park in the village of Bachatsky

settlement Bachatsky (Kemerovo region)

JSC "MC" Kuzbassrazrezugol "(an enterprise of the raw materials complex of UMMC) provided financial support and assistance in landscaping the Yubileiny park in the village of Bachatsky. The miners of the coal company planted more than 1200 trees and bushes.

“The well-being of the territories where we operate plays an important role for our company,” comments the Deputy Director of JSC “MC Kuzbassrazrezugol” for ecology, industrial safety and land use Vitaly Latokhin. - We are very happy to contribute to the development of the village of Bachatsky and its transformation. The flowering plants were specially chosen so that the park would delight the residents of the village from spring to autumn. ”

The Yubileiny Park in the village of Bachatsky is being landscaped within the framework of the Housing and Urban Environment national project. The park was opened in early September. In the summer, asphalt concrete and cobblestone sidewalks were repaired, bike paths and walking trails were equipped, a playground and a skate park were equipped, benches, outdoor exercise equipment and gazebos were installed. Employees of the Kuzbassrazrezugol Management Company, together with the residents, planted young lindens, apple trees, spruces and pines, as well as decorative grapes. The seedlings were arranged in sectors to form coniferous and fruit lanes.

“I would like to thank the head of the city and the builders for such a beautiful park. And the Kuzbassrazrezugol company - they made a wonderful gift for the city by purchasing seedlings. Two or three years will pass, and the trees we have planted today will get stronger, the park will become even more beautiful. It is important that there are more green and cozy places in Kuzbass, "said Vyacheslav Telegin, First Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Region-Kuzbass.

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