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Investing in a new building: profitable or risky?

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Investing in a new building: profitable or risky?

Various crises in the country affect the situation with the real estate market, and any lawyer will tell you about it. Potential tenants and investors are constantly looking for offers for the sale of apartments. In this regard, the pace of construction of new buildings is actively growing. "Primary" is an excellent investment option. New residential complexes appear like mushrooms after rain. But it should be borne in mind that any transactions related to real estate can be risky.

If you plan to invest in real estate for the purpose of further resale, you need to assess all the benefits and risks. Is it worth taking such a step? What do you need to know? Competent lawyer on real estate in Odessa will always help to assess the situation and give useful recommendations. But you can also understand the benefits and risks of investing in a new building yourself a little.


To determine the economic feasibility of buying a home for resale, you need to analyze the possible benefits and ways to maximize it. Apartments in the primary market are perfectly equipped with modern layouts. There are new communications, often basic cosmetic repairs. In order to profitably sell an apartment in the future, you can improve its condition with minimal costs. Suitable for this:

  • improvement with good furniture;
  • space equipment with household appliances;
  • interior design.

The main factors of pricing are still indirect nuances: the location of the new building, infrastructure, ecology, etc. If all is well with these moments, the apartment will be an excellent object for investment.

Note. In order for the purchase price and the sale price of an apartment to differ in favor of the latter, it is necessary to bring the parameters of housing to an optimal level. Invest a small amount in real estate improvement, but the advantage should be at least 10%.


If you are far from a real estate or investment professional, it is best not to make the investment decision yourself. There are several important factors that are taken into account:

  1. The fact that the cost has increased by 20-30% from the moment the foundation is erected until the end of construction is unconditional. However, you need to be careful here too. If you are planning to invest in an apartment with a very low cost at the start, it is possible that in the future the object will be illiquid. In fact, this will not generate the expected income.
  2. Construction time is considered the second significant factor in the liquidity of a building. The faster this period passes, the greater the profitability in the future. Be sure to pay attention to this by performing a prospect assessment.

Any investment requires preliminary calculations, a careful assessment of profitability and prospects. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to enlist the help of a competent specialist.

As output

Before deciding to invest in a new building for the resale of an apartment, it is important to thoroughly study the market, be able to choose promising properties, and predict likely price fluctuations. The legal side is also of great importance. It is important that all documents are in order, otherwise unpleasant surprises may arise later.

If you are planning to buy real estate, the support of a lawyer will be helpful. Especially in the case of serious amounts. But even if you had to deal with scammers or violations of your interests, lawyer services in Odessa are always available.

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