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Where is the LED floodlight used


Inside a durable hermetically sealed housing, the LEDs are completely unaffected by external factors.

Where is the LED floodlight used

In our time, semiconductor lighting technology absolutely dominates the market. LED products are able to easily provide high illumination of the space even with very low power consumption. For example, many summer residents and home owners in the private sector know that if you buy LED floodlight to illuminate the surrounding area, then for a month of work at night it will consume less than one incandescent light bulb in just a couple her service.

Of course, not everyone needs high light intensity, but in large open spaces it is simply impossible to do without it. In addition, a very significant role is played by the fact that LED floodlight is not afraid of working in difficult climatic conditions: it is not afraid of heat, cold, rainfall or dust settling. Such a product is really reliable and durable. Being inside a durable hermetically sealed case, LEDs do not suffer at all from the influence of external factors, and with good heat dissipation (for example, from a built-in radiator) they also get a chance to work stably for many years without experiencing thermal degradation.

How LED Spotlights Are Used

LED ICE floodlights are usually used in large areas. Especially often they can be seen at stadiums and various sports grounds, in parking lots and along roadways, in parks and squares, along alleys and sidewalks. Such models are often used to illuminate common places of residence - for example, gateways, porches in front of entrances, passages between houses, etc.

In some cases, LED floodlights are also used indoors, if necessary. This is done in theaters and cinemas, in swimming pools and sports halls, in large university auditoriums, in the halls of administrative buildings and institutions, in the foyers of hospitals and hotels with high ceilings. In each case, the attachment point and the principle of lighting the working area are determined individually.

Separately, it is necessary to say a few words about those LED ICE spotlights , which are used for facade lighting. Their goal is to emphasize all the advantages of the architectural style of the building, to present it as beautifully as possible and, if possible, even hide flaws in the decoration. To a certain extent, various ground ICE floodlights can be called a related group of models. They are installed directly on the ground, anchored in it with a pin. The purpose of such products is mainly decorative - the bottom illumination of various sculptures, installations, buildings, fountains or just lawns.

Finally, let's not forget that LED floodlights are very often used in advertising. With their help, various banners and billboards are constantly illuminated, the backlighting of signboards of shops, cafes and restaurants is arranged, a light show is organized at discos. At the same time, one of the important factors due to which people give preference to just such a light source is that, with its small dimensions, it is capable of providing high illumination.

How to choose an LED spotlight

There are often only two criteria for choosing LED floodlights - power and service life. For ordinary tasks in a small private area, models designed for a consumption of 15-30 W will be sufficient, and for lighting a parking lot, a football field or other sports facility, products from 80 W and more will be required.

As for the service life of such devices, everything is very simple here. Most of them have a minimum resource of 25-30 thousand hours, and more expensive models - over 50,000 hours. In view of the very principle of using all such products, it is much wiser to purchase a high-quality LED floodlight from the very beginning, and not even think about replacing it for many years.

Source: 5watt.ua

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