Power cable selection

Power cable selection

Planned, as well as forced replacement of a power electrical cable in an old residential or industrial fund begins with a preliminary selection of the required type of consumables according to the parameters:

  • Required bandwidth.
  • Laying (installation) options, for example, street, underground or in cable ducts.
  • Fire and explosion safety.

At the same time (in most cases) the owner (the initiator of the installation replacement) expects to carry it out using more modern, high-quality and durable types of cable products. Given that the classification of power electrical cables is carried out according to strictly defined criteria, the user must take into account the abbreviation used for this when using the online catalog on the site tdsevcable.ru of the company" Moskabel-Komplektatsiya ", which provides services for the selection and sale of cable products.

Alphabetic transcript

First of all, the material of the core (cores) of the power electrical cable is taken into account. The presence of the letter "A" in the product name means that an aluminum alloy is used. No letter at all, by default implies copper. The following abbreviation indicates the type of cable sheathing:

  • C - lead sheath.
  • A - aluminum shell.
  • B - armor made of 2 steel tapes with anti-corrosion coating.
  • B - PVC insulation.
  • BPI - paper insulation impregnated with a special composition.

Taking into account the option of laying cable products, they are additionally divided into overhead, installation, connection cords, installation cords and special-purpose wires (cables). And one more obligatory parameter required when carrying out the selection is the number of cores, their cross-sectional diameter and the overall size of the cable, taking into account the sheath.

You can understand all the variety and choose the most suitable option for a power electric cable using the automatic selection options and an online calculator on the official website "Moskabel - Complete set". All products supplied by the company are certified and have a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

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