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What is important to consider when buying rolled metal

Metal rolling

Various types of rolled metal products are offered by our company. We guarantee quality and reasonable prices.

What is important to consider when buying rolled metal

Rolled metal products are products made from metal by rolling. It can be used as an independent raw material or for the construction of structures. With the help of such materials, structures of any complexity can be erected.

Types of rolled metal

There are 3 main types of rolled metal:

  1. Pipes. Needed for transportation of various media, insulation, reinforcement of electrical wires.
  2. Sheets. Useful for making fences, roofs, car bodies.
  3. Long products. Includes profiles, corners, used for the manufacture of parts.

The rolled metal market is diverse, since these products are in great and constant demand. Metal structures are always needed in construction and mechanical engineering. For such areas, it is recommended to purchase rolled metal in bulk .

Selection of rolled metal

When buying, it is important to pay attention to the following product characteristics:

  • resistance to loads;
  • durability;
  • convenience and simplicity;
  • processing methods;
  • cost.

Metal products include many names, but the listed properties are inherent in any product. Each metal structure can withstand several tons and work for several years without losing strength. Workpieces lend themselves to various influences: bending, cutting, welding, which allows you to create unique objects from them.

Some interesting properties of rolled metal

Cold rolled sheet is of higher quality and more expensive. Zinc or chromium is added to the metal, then the plastic metal is pressure treated. Used for the production of roofing, tin, galvanized sheet.

Hot rolled metal is used in construction.

There are two methods of metal production: carbon (hard, but brittle), alloyed (soft, but plastic).

The surface of the sheet can be smooth or corrugated. The second type is used when high loads are expected to act on the surface.

In most industries, galvanized steel is used, which is protected from corrosion and other adverse factors.

Where to buy rolled metal

You can purchase goods from a wholesale supplier via the Internet. In Nizhny Novgorod there is supplier LLC "Order Group", where you can purchase all the necessary material at reasonable prices. Delivery is carried out in the city and the Nizhny Novgorod region. All details can be found by phone.

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