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Ordering valves and fittings

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On the website of the NIOB Shop company are presented types of valves with high strength, reliability and durability.

Ordering valves and fittings

When transporting resources such as oil, gas and others, pipeline fittings play an important role. It is entrusted with the functions of not only transporting the energy resource to its destination, but also controlling its consumption. If your business needs shut-off and control valves made of stainless steel , you can contact the specialists of the "NIOB shop" company to select and order a batch of products.

How to choose shut-off and control valves

Paying attention to the design differences, you can choose the shut-off and control valves of the required type. The company offers to purchase:

  • Butterfly valves.
  • Directional seated valves
  • Ball valves
  • Filters.

A detailed range of products can be found on the website.

Features of operation of shut-off and control valves

If it is necessary to completely shut off the supply of liquid and gaseous substances, shut-off valves are used. For consumption control and regulation, control valves are used. Thus, using shut-off and control valves, you can turn off, redistribute, mix liquids. You can also change the flow rate, adjust the pressure, etc.

Therefore, it is so important to choose a reliable and high-quality supplier of such fittings. This will ensure trouble-free and uninterrupted operation of all engineering communications systems.

Filter selection for shut-off valves

Filters for valves these are important functional elements necessary for the smooth operation of a pipeline valve. The company offers filters depending on the type and material of manufacture. The range of models of filters is angle and direct type. At the heart of AISI 304 steel, which has high performance characteristics. This allows you to apply filters in conditions of aggressive environmental factors.

Pipe Fittings Catalog

On the website of the company "NIOB Shop" are presented types of valves with high strength, reliability and durability. Choosing such products, you acquire reliable components for use in various sectors of the oil and gas industry, industrial sector, and the housing and utilities sector.

To clarify the details of cooperation, you can refer to the company's website. Here is a virtual catalog of high quality stainless steel fittings.

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