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Miners of PJSC "Kryvbaszhelezrudkom" achieved an increase in wages

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The administration of PJSC "Kryvbaszhelezrudkom" on Thursday, late in the evening, issued order No. 3850 of 09/10/2020 "On increasing tariff rates and salaries from 01.09.2020.

Miners of PJSC "Kryvbaszhelezrudkom" achieved an increase in wages

The underground miners of PJSC Kryvbaszhelezrudkom (Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Plant) have achieved an increase in wages from September 1, 2020.

After negotiations, which lasted from September 4, on the evening of September 10, in the presence of the People's Deputy of Ukraine - Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Volynets M.Ya., the administration of the enterprise signed a “Memorandum of Understanding and the fulfillment of counter requirements between the administration and employees of PJSC“ Kryvbaszhelezrudkom ” "Aimed at eliminating the causes and consequences of leaving work in underground conditions after the end of the work shift."

In order to fulfill the obligations of the administration in accordance with the Memorandum, order No. 3850 of 09/10/2020 "On the increase in tariff rates and official salaries from 09/01/2020" was immediately issued.

The administration called on all employees of the enterprise, who still remain underground, to stop exposing themselves to danger, rise to the surface and provide an opportunity for the staff of the enterprise to return to a normal work process.

Recall that 84 miners of the Rodina mine remained underground in protest, showing solidarity with the protesters of the Oktyabrskaya mine. General requirements: an increase in wages, improvement of working conditions, the return of preferential length of service according to lists 1, 2, the termination of violations during certification.

Since yesterday, on behalf of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, an unscheduled check by the Main Directorate of the State Labor Service in the Dnipropetrovsk region has begun at PJSC "Kryvbaszhelezrudkom" on compliance with labor legislation for seven years of work.

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