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PJSC "Kryvbaszhelezrudkom" intends to forcibly raise miners from the mine

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The plant's administration warns that in the current conditions it is dangerous for life and health to stay in the mines and is preparing the plant for a long downtime.

PJSC "Kryvbaszhelezrudkom" intends to forcibly raise miners from the mine

The administration of the plant of PJSC "Kryvbaszhelezrudkom" filed an application with the law enforcement agencies with a request, within the framework of the current legislation and the powers granted to them, to forcibly stop violating the legislation blocking the production process and property of the enterprise, as well as to give a legal assessment to the actions of persons conducting illegal activities in relation to to the enterprise or incite to illegal activities, including the use of the media.

“In order to minimize losses, preserve production equipment, and prevent negative environmental impacts, we are forced to start measures to prepare the enterprise for long-term downtime,” the plant said in a statement.

The administration of the enterprise said that despite all the measures taken, some of the employees of PJSC "Kryvbaszhelezrudkom" still remain underground. Miners refuse to rise to the surface to negotiate. The management of the plant appealed to all competent state regulatory bodies and trade unions with a request to help bring people to the surface, but this did not lead to any result, the administration noted.

The management of the enterprise is ready to discuss the demands of the miners and look for a compromise where possible in the event of the protesters leaving the mine.

Previously it was reported that the administration PJSC "Kryvbaszhelezrudkom" decided to increase the salaries of its employees as a result of the protest action. The stoppage of production has already caused appeals from European consumers of the company's products about non-compliance with the terms of the concluded contracts, it threatens to lose markets in favor of other suppliers with a weak prospect of their return.

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