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Boeing is seeking from the KB "Yuzhnoye" and "Yuzhmash" payment of 200 million dollars


Representative American aircraft Corporation announced that Boeing has won a court case in which CB "southern" and "Pivdenmash" has to pay $ 200 million.

Boeing is seeking from the KB "Yuzhnoye" and "Yuzhmash" payment of 200 million dollars
Фото: Морской Старт объявил себя банкротом в 2009 году

Mike Slade, who for 10 years headed the team representing the American Boeing aircraft Corporation JSC in various courts, demanding the return of $ 500 million after a joint venture with Russian, Ukrainian and Norwegian partners "Sea Strata" went bankrupt, received a reputable award for "Litigator of the Week".

As reports the Chicago office the international law firm Kirkland & Ellis LLP, world battle in the courts for bankruptcy in Delaware, bankruptcy court of Sweden, the Appeal court of Sweden Supreme court of Sweden, the Russian court of first instance English court and Central district of California ended in a victory for Boeing.

According to Slade, November 12, the U.S. court of Appeals for the ninth circuit stopped the proceedings, leaving in force the decision allows Boeing to recover the debt from Russian and Ukrainian companies.

"Sea Launch" (Sea Launch) was a joint venture between Boeing and four other companies: Energia (the state company that is closely connected with the Russian space Agency), KB "southern" and "Pivdenmash" (Ukrainian company fully owned by the state, which were designed and built, among other things, rocket engines), and Kvaerner (Norwegian shipbuilding conglomerate).

Share ownership was divided into 40% (Boeing), 25% ("Energy"), 20% (Kvaerner) and 15% (KB "Yuzhnoe" and "Yuzhmash"). Boeing and Kvaerner provided the enterprise direct loans, partly guaranteed (in terms of shares of their holdings) of other companies.

In 2009, the project "Sea Launch" was declared bankrupt with debts on loans to 583 million dollars, which he could not and did not pay. The Russian Energia and the Ukrainian companies to pay turned out and Boeing was forced to file a lawsuit in court, demanding payment of 300 million from the Russian company and $ 200 million from the Ukrainian.

KB "Yuzhnoe" and "Yuzhmash" was contested by a total verdict in the amount of $ 200 million on many grounds, including the assertion that they should abandon the safeguards in compliance with the Ukrainian legislation it was made in the first place is illegal.

the Ukrainian company also claimed that Boeing was awarded too much money - that the decision was overpriced - because it was not considered a settlement that Boeing entered into with Kvaerner, when that Boeing paid more than he had to. However, the courts dismissed all protests of the Ukrainian side.

Answering the question of what will happen next, Mike Slade said the us company, which "owed a large sum of money in the end will get on." He added that the agreement with the Russian side, it was very complex, included a number of items, but agreed directly between Boeing and Energia.

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