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Dniprovsky Metallurgical Plant invested 244 million hryvnia in its development in 2020

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The budget of the capital investment program of DMK (excluding overhauls) in 2020 amounted to UAH 244 million.

Dniprovsky Metallurgical Plant invested 244 million hryvnia in its development in 2020

For investment projects aimed at maintaining and developing production, the costs of PJSC Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works (DMK) amounted to UAH 197 million.

The largest amount of funding - 92 million hryvnia - was directed to the replacement of the lifting-and-rotating stand of CCM-2 in the converter shop; commissioning works are now underway. The stand of the improved modification itself costs 106 million hryvnia. It is equipped with a ladle lowering system, the height of the metal stream in relation to the tundish during steel casting will be lower, respectively, the refractory masonry of the tundish will be less subject to destruction, which will increase the life of the lining.

The commissioning works on the commissioning of the department for the preparation of pulverized coal fuel for blast furnaces, as well as work on the improvement of the infrastructure of the pulverized coal section are nearing completion, investments amount to UAH 36 million.

Reconstruction of the electrostatic precipitator of the gas-cleaning equipment of the rotary kiln No. 1 of the lime burning section was carried out in order to meet the requirements of legislation on environmental emissions. The facility is ready for the start of commissioning.

At the sinter plant, work has been completed to update the feed path with replacement of paddle feeders.

The slag side pusher DP-1M was installed and put into operation.

The equipment of pumping station No. 8a of the water supply shop has been replaced.

The system of environmental monitoring of atmospheric air and water bodies was installed and put into operation, the investment amount is 4 million hryvnia. Design and survey work was carried out on measures aimed at reducing the environmental load on the city (total budget of about 7 million hryvnia).

To ensure the performance of technological operations in the shops of the plant, new equipment was purchased in the amount of UAH 21 million.

47 million hryvnias were allocated for projects of functional programs.

As part of the implementation of the investment program "Working Life" in April 2020, the 3rd floor of the household building of the sinter shop was commissioned. In renovated premises with a total area of ​​over 400 sq. m, communications, windows, doors were replaced, energy-saving lighting was installed, new wardrobes and ergonomic benches were also installed. 197 workers of the sinter shop received a comfortable room.

On New Year's Eve, after a major overhaul, a sanitary facility with a total area of ​​about 1000 sq. m on the fourth floor of the BC of the converter shop. Here the hot and cold water supply, sewerage, heating and power supply systems have been completely replaced. A modern supply and exhaust ventilation system was installed. A full range of finishing works has been completed. New plumbing partitions, door and window units have been installed, as well as new individual lockers, hair dryers and hand dryers. The living conditions of 340 employees were improved.

For the implementation of projects of functional programs: purchased equipment for the labor protection and industrial safety service; the implementation of the fire protection program continued; the access control system was put into operation; work was carried out to develop the fiber-optic network of the plant. A multifunctional automatic telephone exchange CISCO for 2000 numbers was also purchased and put into operation. The new equipment allows for audio and video conferencing. Both telephones with video conferencing function and regular telephones, mobile devices and computers can be connected to the conference.

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