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The ZAZ A09 bus will become a real Mercedes


In 2022, the Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant will begin mass production of buses under the Mercedes brand.

The ZAZ A09 bus will become a real Mercedes

In Zaporozhye, the automobile plant will produce buses under the Mercedes brand. About this Radio Liberty reported in the press service of the corporation "UkrAVTO", which includes AvtoZAZ.

“The ZAZ A09 bus is a completely Ukrainian design. It was designed by a team of ZAZ engineers independently without the involvement of third-party organizations. The design was based on Mercedes' recommendations for bus manufacturers using a Mercedes engine, gearbox and rear suspension. Fulfillment of these recommendations allows, after passing the design and production audit, to obtain permission to install the Mercedes logo on the manufactured bus, ”said Dmitry Sklyarenko, press secretary of the UkrAVTO corporation.

He added that the enterprise itself will have to undergo the same audit after drawing up an experimental-industrial batch of machines.

The bus developed by Zaporozhye engineers is designed for 36 passengers and is intended for intercity transportation. Now it is planned that the car will be produced for the domestic market of Ukraine.

“The bus is designed for the needs of the domestic market. In the future, it is possible to export the bus to countries where the Euro-5 environmental standards apply. The first pilot batch of machines will be released in September 2021. Serial production will begin at the beginning of 2022, "Sklyarenko added.

According to the company, the ZAZ A09 bus will be manufactured exclusively at the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant. Now the company is already making a number of bus models under its own brand. In particular, small classrooms used as school buses.

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