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A new locomotive entered the MMSK railway workshop

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A new locomotive entered the MMSK railway workshop

Mednogorsk (Orenburg region)

The railway shop of MMSK (an enterprise of the metallurgical complex of UMMC) has been replenished with a new diesel locomotive of the TEM2N-UGMK series, assembled at the Shadrinsky Automobile Unit Plant.

TEM2N-UGMK SHAAZ produces since the beginning of last year. A deeply modernized six-axle single-section locomotive with a capacity of 1200 hp. designed to perform shunting and technological work at industrial enterprises.

In the operation of a locomotive, electronics control the operation of all its systems, components and assemblies. The driver controls the processes by means of two consoles with liquid crystal touch displays installed in front of him. The design of the locomotive allows, if necessary, to turn off the main engine and switch to small diesel equipment, which will provide power to the lighting circuits and the microclimate in the driver's cab. This allows you to significantly reduce the overall fuel consumption and reduce maintenance costs due to significant savings in the service life of the main engine.

Among the significant advantages of the new locomotive, experts also note the automation of the fire extinguishing system, which was supplemented by voice notification, and an increase in the number of bonnet doors. which facilitates its maintenance.

For the convenience of the driver, the view in the cab is increased due to additional glazing, additional noise insulation is made, a refrigerator, air conditioner and a microwave oven are installed.

- The new TEM2N-UMMC has arrived at the right time , just the other day we sent off the 1982 TEM2-2506 locomotive for write-off, which has served its term at the plant. It makes no sense to repair or modernize it, it is better to use these funds to purchase new equipment, which was done, - says the head of the railway workshop Denis Karasev.

The new diesel locomotive has already become the fifth one to arrive at the Mednogorsk copper-sulfur plant within the framework of the locomotive fleet renewal program. In the period from 2014 to 2018, four locomotives were modernized, which are currently involved in the transportation of goods and raw materials on the territory of the enterprise. MMSK plans to acquire another diesel locomotive TEM2N-UGMK in 2020.

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