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Classification of building reinforcement

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Classification of building reinforcement

The technology of monolithic construction from concrete of buildings, structures, individual elements (for example, a foundation) implies the mandatory use of this structural element. Reinforcement (reinforcing bar) is an important component of reinforced concrete and provides it with the following parameters:

  • Strength and required elasticity (for example, hot-rolled bar AIII-A500C 12 mm in diameter is used both for the supports of buildings in earthquake-prone areas, and for the construction of bunkers that cannot be penetrated by shells).
  • Immunity to temperature extremes and natural factors.
  • Duration of service life.

The so-called procedure of reinforcement, preliminary laying of a bar in a mold or formwork before pouring a concrete mixture, is classified, depending on the purpose, into 4 main types:

  • Anchor - creation of embedded elements during concreting.
  • Structural - used to exclude deformation changes and compensate for the load on the erected structural element.
  • Worker - in this case, the reinforcement itself takes the load.
  • Assembly - reinforcement is used as a connecting element for individual parts of the structure.

That is why, despite its simplicity, the reinforcing bar is divided according to various physical parameters, the main of which is the steel grade used for its manufacture.

Main steel grades for reinforcement manufacturing

The type of reinforcement is selected on the basis of calculations carried out in the process of architectural design, and is indicated in the terms of reference for the project. By steel grade, it is selected taking into account the following parameters:

  • Constructional low-alloy 20GS or AIII-A500S - has good weldability.
  • Low-alloy structural steel 22Х2Г2АЮ - used for the manufacture of pre-stressed concrete structures.
  • Extra strong steel grade 80C - capable of withstanding high voltage and exposure to aggressive chemical environments.

You can get more complete information and order the required type of reinforcement using the website of a company that supplies this type of building materials from manufacturers. The supplier provides for the possibility of online purchase and ordering of delivery to the address specified by the buyer.

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